Do Not Panic If Interview Has Gone Wrong

All the hard work put in by you at an internship or a technical course or for that matter in a college or university may well culminate at a preferably well delivered job interview, but what if things turn otherwise? What if things donít turn out the way you want them to at the interview? What if you realize that your interview at your preferred company has gone horrible? The answer to all this would be to relax and take things in your stride. Do not panic. It might only result in further disappointments in future. Instead if you have realized that one of your interviews has gone wrong, brace yourself for further challenges rather than switching in to a depressive mood. Here are some tips which you can avail if your interview has not gone well.

Be patient: Being patient even after delivering bad remains the key. The interview for your most desired job profile in a fairly reputed company might not have gone well as per your standards. But that does not simply mean that it is the end of road for you. There are two choices which you can probably make here. Either walk grumpily out of the office after the interview and brood over possible failure or else look back at your mistakes, work on them and try to deliver better results for the next interview.

Stop Assuming: A number of times it has been seen that candidates set a high bar for themselves. Even a little digression from that yardstick which they have set for themselves may cause spiraling stress levels. The advice to all these candidates would be to readjust their goals a bit, that is, to adopt a more pragmatic approach towards not only a mere job interview but towards life as a whole. There is no harm in being perfect, but if you are not able to accept mistakes on your way to achieve perfection then things will get real harder. Even performing a single mistake at the interview can lead you to assume that you are simply not going to receive a call from the company. Who knows may be the interviewer is absolutely ok with the way you have been able to deliver yourself at the interview and is just taking some time to call you owing to his busy schedule? So try to steer clear of these assumptions and wait for the call patiently. Meanwhile attend other interviews, see how things work at different places. It can only help you prepare yourself better for boardroom interviews.

Donít feed your ego: You might have faced sleepless nights waiting for a call from a company after your interview only to be disappointed. While your panic and anxiety during that particular period is fairly understandable it would not be wise to ignore future invitations for interview from that company, solely on the basis of your previous experience thereóespecially if it is a reputed company it would be unwise to deprive yourself the chance to associate with a brand.

Hone your skills of evaluating a situation: So much has already been said about the aftereffects of a bad interview, you might as well battle panic situations not only after but during the interview as well. Once you find out that the interview is possibly taking an unfavorable turn you can as well alter your tactics bit. If you cannot understand a question posed by the interviewer ask him to clarify it instead of requesting him to repeat the question as that would mean that you are not paying attention. If you think that the person sitting in front of you is not really happy with your answers, (in case they are the situational ones) say that it is completely your way of seeing things and given a chance you would definitely start working on a few of them. These are the skills which a person learns through the course of a series of interviews. These are ways of saving a bad interview and cannot be mastered overnight.

Do not lose hope: Staying positive, as already mentioned earlier remains the key. Asides from the ways mentioned above, if you are really interested in working for a particular brand, keep in regular touch with them even after your first interview with them has gone wrong. Make calls at regular intervals to know if there are vacancies and keep track of their job posts as well. Genuine eagerness from your end is most likely to reward you a second chance at your desired profile. So have faith and donít lose hope!

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