Duke University School of Medicine

The Duke University is one of the leading academic institutions in North Carolina, United States. It has about 13,000 undergraduate and graduate students who are trained by a world class faculty. The Duke University School of Medicine is the medical school of the Duke University and functions under Duke University Medical Center.

An MMI or Multiple Mini Interview is a crucial part of the selection process followed by The Duke University of Medicine. The interview is primarily conducted in order to get an insight in to the intensity of the intellectual curiosity of the applicant, his commitment towards his service and ethics. You would also acquire a chance to learn more about the university itself.

Interview Preparation

The university has clearly mentioned in its website that it has replaced the traditional method of interviewing students with that of MMI or Multiple Mini Interview. It consists of a string of interview stations where each applicant needs to deal with a scenario. It is not focussed on specific knowledge in the area of medicine but on important attributes such as insight, empathy, teamwork, integrity, compassion etc. These questions can be approached from a variety of perspectives. There is no absolute “right” and “wrong” here. So, prepare yourself accordingly.

Before MMI, candidates can expect to spend the rest of the day with the Office of Admissions. You would be served with breakfast and provided with an orientation covering the entire schedule of the day. You would also be brief presentations by the Office of Curriculum and the Office of Financial Aid. Now, that you have an idea about the entire process you should start preparing yourself accordingly. Now, as MMIs don’t really have absolute right or wrong answers, you should adopt a different approach towards preparations. Focus particularly on soft skills (as those mentioned above, viz teamwork, insight etc) Try to revisit your lab experiences and notes taken down by you. Learn more about situations or scenarios that are generally presented to interviewees during MMIs.

Get help from seniors or elders who hail from the same field. Ask them more about MMIs- what’s the ambience like, what kind of scenarios can be put forward, how you should approach them etc. It is also important to write down solutions or answers to respective problems and rehearse them before the mirror.

Make sure that you are able to communicate well with the individuals acting as patients. Medical practitioners are supposed to communicate clearly with patients.

Why do you want to be a doctor?

Why do you want to join here?

Tell us about yourself?

What kind of ethics should ideally be followed a physician?

Tell us about your team spirit.

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