How to Prepare for an Editor's Interview

Questions are not the only thing you need to prepare; there are other things which also matter a lot. Presentation is a very important part of any interview. Here are some tips on how to prepare for editorís interview, so that you can present yourself as more appealing and deserving for the job.

  • Never forget to greet your interviewer when you first enter the interview room. Good mornings/ good afternoons/ good evenings are every important.
  • While answering the questions, you need to look your interviewer in the eye and answer.
  • Do not fumble, fidget or use fillers like um, ah, you know, basically, so, actually etc.
  • While sitting do not lean back on your chair. Sit straight or you could also lean forward a little.
  • While answering, do not beat around the bush. If you donít know the answer, tell them you donít know. Donít say random things.
  • Make your answers short, simple and to the point.
  • If you do not have the exact experience for the job you are applying for, tell them the closest experience you have gathered.
  • When you are asked the question ĎTell me about yourselfí, your answer should include little about your family back ground, your hobbies, your education and experiences. You will have to make your answer short yet include all these points.
  • Try to look relaxed, confident and carry a smile on your face.
  • Your interview is likely to end with the question, Ďdo you have any questions for us?í. You should be ready with a good question, do not say you have nothing to ask.

Companies to apply for editorís job:

Your next step of editorís interview preparation would be, to look for the good companies. There are several companies who are looking for editors, but you need to find the right ones, which will benefit your career in the long run. Here are some companies you should consider applying to:

1. Thomson Reuters
3, Inorbit Mall Road,
Vittal Rao Nagar, Hitech City Hyderabad,
Andhra Pradesh 500081, India
Ph No: 040 66542000
Official website:

2. Crimson Consultancy
1001, 10th Floor, Techniplex - II,
Veer Savarkar Flyover, S. V. Road,
Goregaon (W), Mumbai 400062, India
Phone: +91-22-6193-5000
Email ID:
Official website:

3. Macmillan India Ltd
B 41 Sector 4,
Noida - 201301
Phone: (0120) 4788666
Official website:

4. Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
Regus Business Centre,
Level 1, Trade Centre,
Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East), Mumbai Ė 400 051 India.
Telephone: +91-22-40700804
Fax: +91-22-4070080004
Official website:

5. Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd.
Penguin Books India Pvt.Ltd
11, Community Centre,
Panchsheel Park,
New Delhi 110017
Ph No: + 91 (0) 11 2649 4401/02/05/07
Official website:
So, prepare well and be all set to impress your interviewers. Good luck!

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