Emory University

The Emory University is a private research university, located in the Atlanta. To be more specific- it is located in the Druid hills part of the unincorporated DeKalb country in Georgia, United States of America.

The Emory University School of Medicine has 2,328 part time and full time faculty alongside 833 volunteer faculty. There are 564 students in the school that trains 1,188 fellows and residents in 94 accredited programs. The Medical Scientist Training Programs and the joint program with Georgia Institute of Technology have a few MD/PhD students enrolled. The school offers degrees including:

  • MD Dual Degrees
  • MD
  • BMSc in Medical Training
  • Physical Therapy Dual Degrees
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • MMSC- Physician Assistant
  • MMSc in Anesthesiology
  • MMSc in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling

Interview Process

The Emory University School of Medicine Admissions Committee generally meets during the interview season of the university that extends from October-February and selects applicants for interview. The selected applicants are generally informed via the U.S mail and not by phone or e-mail. The school generally functions on a rolling interview basis and candidates, who do not get the first chance to interview here, remain in consideration for following interviews. You need to submit details regarding the following including:

Official transcripts from all the schools attended

Notarized Georgia Certificate of Residence (of course, only those who are residents of Georgia)

A Physical Immunization record (physical examination report separately)

Proof of health insurance

AAMC Criminal Background Check findings to Emory

Online safety training course (PRIOR TO ORIENTATION)

Interview Preparation

Preparing for a medical school interview and appearing for the same might seem like a daunting task. However, if you’re adopting a systematic approach towards the entire episode then it might as well become easier for you to leave an impression on the interviewer. How should you prepare yourself for the day? Here are some hints:

The Emory University School of Medicine needs its applicants to complete four full years in labs and basic sciences. The institution expects its students or candidates to have the required knowledge in areas like Organic Chemistry, Biology, Physics and General Chemistry. So, do you think you are well versed to ace possible interview questions from these areas? Make sure you are. Revisit your previous lab experiences. That preparing general and subject-specific interview questions helps is known by all. However, checking the respective websites of the universities you are appearing in the interview for does you a world of good. So check out the website of the Emory University School of Medicine thoroughly. Find out about the ideals and missions influencing the members of this institution. Check out the FAQs section thoroughly. It gives you an insight in to a lot of aspects including the MCAT scores you would require to appear for the interview, consequences of failure to keep the first appointment, ways in which appointments are scheduled etc.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. The university has a very informative website that offers fairly sufficient information about everything that an interviewee might generally like to know. However, if you still want to clarify any doubt you can call the staff up at the present registered number. Please make sure that you are learning about the dress code and the proper body language to be adopted at an interview as well:

Possible Interview Questions

  • Please tell us about your desired career path.
  • Why are you interested in medicine?
  • What, according to you, are the top three qualities of a doctor?
  • Please tell us about your research project/projects.
  • What do you know about us?

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