Interview Preparation for Emptoris

Emptoris is a subsidiary brand under IBM, since the later acquired it in the year 2012. IBM Emptoris is a business that provides companies with Strategic Supply Management solutions, helping them alleviate risk, maximize savings, improve acquiescence and also contribute in driving better supplier performance.

Emptoris backed by IBM, a leading organization, makes it a very desirable employer for professional individuals. A career in IBM Emptoris can be very promising. So, if you are looking towards getting employed by the company then here is some essential information that should help you acquiring the job you want.

Why work for IBM Emptoris?

  • You have a chance to be an innovator:

    Be it an experienced professional or a fresher, everyone has a place in the company. IBM Emptoris gives all of its employees a fair chance to make full use of their knowledge, cultivate their expertise and achieve their career goals without having to quit the organization.

  • Opportunity to work with the brightest and the best:

    IBM Emptoris invests a lot of time and effort in picking the best of brains and talent. Hence, being a part of the organization means, not only being among the best but also getting the opportunity to work with the brightest people.

  • Build your career:

    The organization believes in mutual growth. The employees put in their best to help the company grow and on the other hand the organization looks out for its employees. Every person working for IBM gets a fair chance of achieving his/her career goals.

  • A leading company to work for:

    Emptoris had been a market leader for the services it provided as an individual company. On the other hand, since the inception of IBM, it has been a very reputed company to work for. Hence, IBM Emptoris is the combination of the best and it’s a matter of pride to be a part it.

How to apply for IBM Emptoris:

To be able to apply for a job in Emptoris, you need to know about the vacancies. You can find out about the vacancies from the popular online job search engines or you can also check IBM Emptoris website ( for the same. The usual procedure include filling out an application form with your personal details, the position you are applying for, your experience and skill set. Once you have sent out the form, you wait for a response from the company. Or another way could be, you’ll be given an email address where you’d have to send an email saying you are interested in working for the company and attach your updated resume with the email. If you are short listed you will be called for an interview.

IBM Emptoris Interview Procedure:

Interview procedure varies for different positions. Selection process may include written test, personal interview, telephonic/video interview and medical test. Depending on the position there may be several rounds of interviews. Usually the higher the position the more stringent is the selection.

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