Are external training programs offered by company part of salary package?

External trainings are generally conducted when specialists are called from outside to carry out a few (around 1-3) days’ workshop for staff members. Additionally at times employees are also required to go away from their workplaces for attending these trainings. Hirers from the IT industry often make provisions for these trainings for their employees. These trainings give a wider perspective of the various issues concerning the organization. They play a crucial role in shaping your professional career, but generally are not part of salary packages offered by companies. However, they are provided as special benefits to employees.

As these trainings are imparted by specialists who have worked for years on the refinement of professional skills, employees looking for overall career development are willing to be a part of these. On the other hand companies looking at sustenance through better channelization of resources don’t hesitate to invest in these trainings either. Thus while designing the non cash compensation package, they often include these external trainings. It acts as a very effective way to attract skillful employees. When the employees are invited to attend some courses outside the office, the company does not have to bear the expenses related to equipments and space. It is always advisable for freshers to grab offers from companies which offer these benefits even if the base pay offered is a bit lower than that of other organizations.

Why is it said that external training programs are not part of salary packages?

If you go through the salary packages of top organizations like Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant Technology Solutions, HCL etc you will see that their salary packages include the basic pay, bonus and other profits but not these training programs.

Should you look for good external training programs even when it is not a part of your salary package?

As mentioned earlier good external trainings come with their own benefits. Seeking the help of external training programs may not be a part of your negotiation with your prospective employee but you should inquire about it. Most of the times while giving a brief overview of the job, the employer will mention that the company conducts such programs from time to time. Needless to say when the organization does not have such facilities the employer is not going to mention it. Yet you must take a pro active approach and seek information regarding these programs. An even better deal would be to express your eagerness to learn a bit more about these programs from your employer. For example you might ask at which time of the year are these trainings conducted, how much time the company allots for each program etc. Don’t think that these questions will turn your employer off. On the contrary, he will have a fair idea that you are ready to explore opportunities for improvement.

Additionally the programs conducted outside the office premises give excellent opportunities to employees to experience a change of environment, which usually helps them to unwind and relax.

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