Favorite job destinations in India

India is fast emerging as a favorite job destination for aspirants round the globe owing to its ever-developing infrastructure and ever-widening human resources. Here are some of the favorite job destinations in India- cities/places which have become a force to reckon with in the global job market.

Bengaluru: Touted as India’s IT hub, this city is favorite among budding talents who want to make it big in the corporate world. Be it in terms of job opportunities, acquisition of commercial space or infrastructure--- there are very few cities in India which can compete with Bengaluru for this. According to an Economic Times report, Bengaluru continues ruling the roost of the most favored destinations for both IT and IT enterprises in India. Engineering, accounting, pharma, finance, telecommunication, automotive are some of the leading industries of the IT capital in India. Of late much penetration has been made in the Graphic designing, .Net development, client servicing sectors as well. Additionally, owing to the host of options offered by IT realty sector, Bengaluru is fast becoming a safe investment option for NRIs. Infosys, IBM, Wipro, Accenture are some of the leading IT companies in Bengaluru.

Delhi: Of late New Delhi’s sound economy has been further boosted by a steady foreign investment and boom in several sectors like retail, consulting, IT, telecom, banking, health, media etc. Number of B-schools in the NCR region including Delhi adds to Delhi’s credentials for being a popular job destination among prospective employees. Delhi is home to a number of illustrious names in the corporate and other sectors as well--- LIC, Sahara (Insurance), Business Standard, Times of India, Economic Times and PTI (Media), Bharti Airtel, BSNL, and Reliance (telecom), Apollo and Max (health) , Standard Chartered and ICICI (banking).

Hyderabad: Hyderabad ranks high among the most favored job destinations in India owing to several factors. This city located in Andhra Pradesh excels in the field of Biotechnology, which in turn has inspired many of the students to take their interest to a professional level and duly contribute to the research field. BPO, pharmaceuticals and IT are the other fields which have absorbed a considerable share of the Indian workforce.

Gurgaon: The emergence of Gurgaon, in Haryana, as a major draw for Indian job seekers is a very positive sign for the Indian corporate world. It is in fact a direct pointer to the rise of tier II cities in the global corporate scenario. Only a few years in the scene and Gurgaon already has staggering statistics to back its industrial credentials- it has highest per capita income after Chandigarh and Mumbai. The efficient distribution of electricity is one of the major factors why Gurgaon has emerged as a reliable workplace for leading industries in India. Additionally convenient connectivity to the major Indian cities like New Delhi, Faridabad and Jaipur; favorable tax policy and low levels of pollution have triggered the creation of a number of industries in Gurgaon. Alcatel, Adidas, IBM, ITC, Convergys are some of the leading companies placed there. Asides from the industrial economy, the major portion of Gurgaon’s population depends on agricultural exploits.

Mumbai: Mumbai’s corporate sector is fairly popular with youngsters. However, the industry which has managed to rake in the maximum profits for Mumbai is its film industry. Bollywood churns out almost 150 movies per year thereby generating a number of employment opportunities for actors, directors, technicians, music directors, lyricists, scriptwriters, dancers, singers, DOPs etc. Bollywood over the years have inspired a huge influx of foreigners as well, and is only growing bigger day by day. However, reports of continued attacks from political parties have spurred rumors of Bollywood shifting its base from Mumbai--- though nothing has been confirmed yet.

Chandigarh: Paper Manufacturing, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, basic metals, food products are some of the leading industries of Chandigarh. Dell, IBM, Infosys are some of the leading companies which have generated a huge employment base in this city.

Asides from the cities listed above, Noida, Chennai, and Kolkata are also some of the favorite job destinations in India.

Asides from the infrastructural superiority of these cities, the presence of a number of malls, multiplexes, hangouts and other recreational centers provide great opportunities to the urban employees to unwind after a hectic day at work.

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