How to prepare for financial analyst interview?

After you have prepared your questions and answers, your next step would be to work on some important aspects like body language, talking style, attitude, etc.
Below are some tips on financial analyst interview preparation.

  • Practice makes a man perfect. Keep practicing your answers; this will help you sound more confident in front of your interviewers.
  • Confidence is the key to a good interview. There is a thin line between confidence and over confidence, make sure that you don't cross that line.
  • Over confidence can spoil the interview.
  • Do not look here and there; try to keep an eye contact with your interviewer.
  • Do not play with your hands or shake your legs while seated.
  • Do not fumble while talking.
  • Make your answers short, simple and informative.
  • Don't forget to greet your interviewers when you first see them.
  • Sit down when they ask you to.
  • Keep a pleasant smile on your face during the interview
  • Wear formal clothes. Make sure they are ironed properly.
  • Sit straight. Do not slouch or lean back.
  • Be very courteous.
  • Do not give irrelevant answers for the question you do not know. Telling them you donít know is better than saying random things.
  • Make sure you do some research about the company you are interviewing for. Interviewers often want to find out how much you know about the company.

Companies to apply for financial analyst job:

J.P. Morgan India Pvt. Ltd.

Bajaj Capital Ltd.
New Delhi

HSBC India
New Delhi

Birla Global Finance Limited New Delhi

L & T Finance Limited Mumbai
Website: www.ltfinance.

DSP Merrill Lynch Limited

Follow the instructions, prepare well and things should work out in your favor.

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