How to Follow up After the Interview

Getting increasingly curious while waiting for your interview results? Follow ups often make a good option for such situations. Following up with your interviewers demonstrate some important aspects like, your interest level and seriousness about the job you are applying for. It also acts as a reminder to your employer that you have been interviewed and you are eagerly waiting for the results. In some very rare cases, the interview results fail to reach the candidate. Such situations may arise for several reasons, like phone number not working or being out of reach when called by the employer, errors in the contact address, misspelled email address, etc. Follow ups rule out the chances for such situations.

How to follow up after an interview?

A good follow up might increase your chances of getting the job. There are ways to touch base with your interviewers. You want to make sure that you don’t appear desperate for the job in front of your employer. Showing that you are interested is good but appearing desperate is an absolute NO-NO. So, below are a few ways of following up with the interviewers.

  • After your interview is over, you can ask for the business cards of the interviewers. You need four important information; the name of the interviewer, postal address, contact number and email address. So make sure they are properly printed on the card.
  • Next day, send the person who interviewed you a ‘thank you’ note, saying that you appreciate that he/she has taken the time to interview you and you look forward to hearing from him/her soon.
  • 4-5 days later if you still haven’t heard from the company, consider giving them a call. Its best to call the person who interviewed you instead of just randomly calling the office. Doing so would show your continued interested in the job.
  • If you don't receive any response within a couple of days after your follow up telephone call. Do not hesitate to send an email mentioning your interest in the job and describing some of your strengths related to the prospective position.

Another up side of interview follow ups is, you often make an impression on the interviewer. So, in worst case scenario, if you fail to get the job because another candidate was more deserving of the position, you still stand better chances to be contacted for a future opening.

Often candidates hesitate to touch base with the employer after an interview thinking they might be annoying them. But know for a fact that it is an absolutely wrong approach. Your interviewers want to you to follow up with them, so that they know how serious you are about the job. Sometimes employers delay interview results, to analyze your seriousness and techniques of your follow ups. Hence, do not do the mistake of taking this aspect lightly. Prepare your follow up techniques just as much you would prepare for an interview.

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