Food for thought in lunch Interview

If you think that you can only associate dining out or lunches with relaxation and enjoyment then be prepared to be informed otherwise. Today lunch interviews have become a crucial part of even your professional life. While lunches and client meetings have almost become synonymous with each other in the current job scenario, you can jolly well expect to get a call for a lunch interview as well.


There are a number of reasons why recruiters seek the aid of lunch interviews to judge candidates.
  • Both the parties (employer and employee) might be facing time constraint owing to which they meet at a convenient place- agreed upon mutually
  • As already mentioned above, client meetings over lunches have become a regular fixture in modern day businesses. Therefore, the hiring manager wants to gauge whether the potential employee is comfortable in handling such meetings or not.
  • The employer merely wants to test the potential employee beyond the conventional board room.


Food For Thought in Lunch Interviews

It should be noted that there specific “do’s” and “don’ts” regarding the interview, and it would only be advisable that you take the trouble of referring to them before appearing for the lunch interview:



Though workplace diversity is the key to company’s success, it should be remembered that the proposition comes with its own of challenges as well.


The food is one of the most significant aspects of a lunch interview. Make sure that you are at least acquainting yourself with the type of food that can be ordered while participating in the professional lunch. Make sure you are ordering dry food. It ensures that you are sorted when it comes to avoiding messing your clothes with curry or gravy. Opt for food that can be easily broken in small pieces with the help of a fork. Opt for dishes that are not heavy on your stomach and sticky on your teeth. You probably won’t be too happy if your teeth are particularly showing the remains of food while you’re smiling.


Learn about the restaurant in advance. Learn a bit about its history, so that you can just mention it at different junctures of your conversation. Please remember that though interviews are meant to be strictly formal affairs, in the lunch interviews you can jolly well be a little relaxed, throwing in meaningful and interesting words here and there in order to prevent the rendezvous from turning drab. It would even be better if you are someone who frequents the restaurant. But don't go overboard with your enthusiasm.

Please remember to maintain the basic decorum of an interview like maintenance of proper body language, timely arrival, turning your mobile off etc.



Order food that is messy, makes a lot of sound while being chewed or else can’t be eaten with a fork

Leave a dirty plate behind. Wasting your food and leaving it on your plate, scattered, might not cost your chances at the job, but it creates a general disagreeable sight for the person accompanying you for the lunch. Even if you have wasted food, make sure you have taken the trouble to put the remains at one corner of the plate instead of messing it entirely.

Make faces while eating (even if you don't like the preparation).


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