Interview Preparation for Ford India

Preparations for an interview with one of the leading automotive companies in India, Ford India, should start way ahead of the actual day of interview so that you can focus on the different aspects of the interview with equal care. However for that you must know about the different rounds of the interview first.

Interview Preparation Requirements

To start with the preparation requirements it might be useful for you to know that you will be required to clear several rounds of the interview which generally include 3-4 rounds including GD, personal interview, and written test. The entire process may vary with time but you will be placed in a favorable position at the interview if you have prepared accordingly for these rounds.

Personal interviews generally consist of personal, behavioral and technical questions so prepare accordingly from relevant e-books, books and general Ford India interview questions compiled by different websites.

At times you may also be asked to work in groups on a given project where panelists would just silently observe the teamwork reflected by you as the outcome of the given project.

As for the written test, the Ford India placement papers can be downloaded from the internet itself.

How to prepare for the Interview----Tips:

Asides from the conventional methods of preparing an interview you can avail the following tips to crack an interview at Ford India:

  • You will any case dedicate considerable time to preparing your technical questions and for your questions in the written test. But try to eke out some time to concentrate on the personal interview experiences at the company as well. There you will be able to gain thorough knowledge on the

    different procedures followed during different times at the interviews. If you search the net thoroughly you will get to know about different experiences that candidates had had to face like facing a 10-15 minutes telephonic interview in German, preparing case studies, some strange (but not offensive) personal questions that they had to face ( thus you can also be prepared for the same), their experiences of facing panelists etc. This will help you prepare better. But it is advisable that you screen only the relevant experiences from there and not concentrate on things like how long one had to wait between different rounds etc.
  • Ford India generally gives you a case study, at least, in your initial interview you can gather relevant knowledge about that too
  • If it's a phone interview make sure you have taken all the due measures to ensure that the process is conducted smoothly
  • You might also be asked about Ford's products in the market and the public review about them--- being a regular with newspapers and new channels can be helpful in dealing with these questions
  • Knowing a bit about the history of the company helps
  • Conduct mock interview in front of the mirror or with friends.
  • Follow general interview guidelines like maintenance of punctuality, dressing up properly, being organized with both your documents and answers and you are set for a great interview at Ford!

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