Interview Preparation for GAIL

GAIL is the popular name and acronym of Gas Authority of India Ltd., a prominent gas transmission and marketing enterprise in India. It started its operations with the famous pipeline project in India, called HVJ.  Today it is one of the largest PSUs in India with ambitious plans for the future. Here are some of the tips to clear its interview.

Tips to succeed in GAIL Interview

1.Brainstorm, and find the key objectives, job requirements, responsibilities and features of the GAIL division, you are going to work for; and then design a questionnaire on "how to's" etc.

2.You should also list a few basic things; you expect to be asked in the interview, related to your job profile.

3.First be a good listener and whenever a question is asked, put it in the perspective of the GAIL divisions and then weave your answer accordingly.

4.Search online about different types of interviews and how to handle them.

5.Always be mentally ready for the proofs you need for a particular job profile and produce it when required.

6.If you go astray during interview, they would help you. As they are looking for the best talent to fill in the vacancy. It's not a torture session anyway.

7.They want you to sit relaxed and answer in a natural way. It's a positive interaction rather than a question answer session.

8.Keep a smile on your face throughout the interview and have tons of confidence.

9.If you don't agree with the interviewer, don't forcefully assert your views. Rather present your view with a calm voice and rational statements. A smile would always be a plus in such situations.

10.Use the first question, "tell me something about yourself" as an opportunity to market your assets, qualifications, achievements and your personality. But, it shouldn't be too vocal, boastful or exaggerated.

11.If you don't understand a question, simply politely ask them to explain it to you again. (Sorry, I couldn't get you!)

12.Both Hindi and English is used in the interview, try to stick to the language in which the question is asked. If the interviewer changes the language, adapt it immediately.

Last Updated On: 14/05/2013

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