Interview Preparation for Godrej

Godrej Group is one of the leading conglomerate businesses in India. The organization was founded in the year 1897 by Pirojsha Godrej and Ardeshir Godrej. The company operates in various sectors, like agricultural products, security, furniture, appliances, industrial engineering, consumer products, real estate, etc. Godrej Group has an annual turnover of more than $3.3 billion. With thousands of employees located across the country, the company boasts a reputation of being a very desirable employer to work for. Every year hundreds of people apply for jobs in Godrej. So if you are also looking for getting employed by the company, then make sure that you prepare thoroughly for the interview. Below are some interview guidelines to help you prepare well.

Tips for Godrej Interview:

Interviews are not rocket science but companies want to pick the best of the lot. Hence, in order to present yourself as the right fit for the job, you need to work on your personality, attitude, behavior and knowledge. Everything put together in the right proportion will get you the job you want. Keep the following pointers at the back of your mind while interviewing for a position at Godrej.
  • Do not look desperate for the job, but make it clear to the interviewers that you are excited about the interview.
  • Be at the interview venue at least 30 minutes before time.
  • Wish your interviewers good morning/ good afternoon/ good evening when you first meet them.
  • Your answers should be straightforward and to the point.
  • You answers should be true. Do not lie to your interviewers just to impress them.
  • Do not say unnecessary things while answering questions.
  • Keep an eye contact with your interviewer.
  • Make sure whatever you say, sounds convincing and confident.
  • Do not fumble, stammer or use filler words while answering questions.
  • Wear formal clothes for interview.
  • Keep yourself informed about world affairs.
  • Keep your attitude humble and polite yet confident.
  • Try to be a good listener. Do not interrupt while your interviewer is speaking.
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