Group Discussion Rules for Interview

A process where a particular idea/topic is taken and debated upon by two small groups is called a Group Discussion. The Group Discussion usually serves as one of the yardsticks of selecting candidates in a management school. Hereís the group discussion rules and tips to help you improve your GD skills.

Speaking: Speaking is must in group discussion. But when and how, plays a vital role. It is better if you start the group discussion as it proves your ability to initiate. Now if you have initiated then you have to be very knowledgeable to answer the counter arguments. Also the middle part and conclusion (conclude if asked) is very important in group discussion. Never leave your interest in GD.

Be a Good Listener: Not only speaking but your listening behavior is also tested in group discussion. You have to prove your point with facts but at the same time you cannot force your opinion on others. Be smart and witty, listen to others and then react.

Involvement:Involvement through out the group discussion is must to do as you cannot leave the task in between.

Hone your Communication skills: If you are speaking in the middle of a bunch of smart, outgoing and well spoken management aspirants you better not fumble at any point. In this case working on your communication entails the practice of conveying ideas within a specific time frame, of expressing your ideas with a perfectly agreeable body language etc.

Clarification of doubts: Make sure you clarify your doubts regarding the topic, if any, with the moderator/judge sitting in front of you. Do it as soon as the topic is given to you and not later when your turn to speak comes. Topics may range from general issues like dowry, child labor, gender inequality, price rise to current affairs like Kashmir, AFSPA, Coalgate, Scams etc. If you are asked to highlight a specific facet of the topic given try to concentrate on that instead of discussing all the facets of the same.

Take a stand: Yes always take a stand on the topic given to you. There might be a topic like- ďIndian Athletes Are a No-Show at the Olympics.Ē Convey clearly whether you agree with the topic or not and make sure that you have equally strong stats to back your claim. Donít be ambivalent because GD is about a debate at the end of the day. Be careful not to sound too assertive in the process. Donít start off your argument with something like ďI strongly agree/disagreeÖĒ Instead put across your point with clear arguments which will automatically reflect your point of view.

Solid Conclusion: It might seem a little difficult to sum up all you points of argument in a well drawn conclusion in such a little time (around 1-2 minutes). But thatís the trick! Do try to master this trick as it helps the speaker after you to carry on from what you said and also makes you stand out.

Research: Keep a track of topics that are mainly discussed in the GDs. Beware of whatís happening around you, whatís making news and whatís the latest buzz. But the research on a particular topic should be more nuanced rather than a generic one as you are supposed to debate on it. If you are short on knowledge/subject matter then you might find yourself repeating the same point which is an absolute no-no at a debate or Group Discussion. Your knowledge might be sourced from news headlines, newspapers, internet, books, informative TV channels etc. Avoid sources which are too promotional and give you only one side of a particular issue.

Take a notebook: Write down the points already discussed as it will help you to build on what your arguments.

Try to come up with a unique but sensible point which will boost your argument. This will definitely impress the judge. However the skill comes only with better understanding of a particular topic.

Lastly make sure you donít miss out these tips before attending your Group Discussion!

Points to win Group Discussion:
  1. Think before you speak
  2. Body language
  3. Donít think that you are less than anyone else in the group discussion. So do not discuss anything that demoralize you before the commencement of GD.
  4. Keep personal emotions at bay in group discussion
  5. Give different but very strong point of view to attract others
  6. Speak with confidence. Also speak clear and slow.
  7. Listen to everyone but prove your point
  8. Never contradict yourself
  9. Do not try to conclude the topic until it is specifically asked
  10. If you are not getting any chance to speak then you have to snatch it. Fight for speaking
  11. Present strong point

Donít of Group Discussion
  1. Never be shy in speaking
  2. Tell what you think with facts and figures but do not be too assertive in group discussion
  3. If GD is in English then avoid any other language
  4. Keep your self calm and do not interrupt while it is the turn of someone else.
  5. Communicate with the group not with a single person as it is group discussion not one to one session

What is marked in GD:

Leadership Quality: Your leadership quality is judged the why you speak, how others listen to you and agree with you.

Body Language: Your body language matters a lot in Group discussion so never sit cross-legged

Team work: How you are handling the points of others and trying convincing them

Analysis: How many facts and figures you are providing

Audibility: Here your communication skills are checked

Group Discussion Tips

Keep yourself updated: It is imperative to keep yourself updated with what is happening around you as it shows the overall personality who is aware of his or her surroundings. Make the habit of reading newspaper daily. Once you have gone through all the stories of the day try finisng about what others think about it and what is your stand on the issue. This will provide good practice to prove yourself with facts and your mind will be trained to take decisions.

Opinion: So our second rule of the group discussion is giving opinion on the news or anything happening around you. Think about what you feel and note down all the points coming to your mind. Write down if any question is arising out of those though. Get the answers by taking to your teachers, parents or expert in this field.

Solution: If there is a problem there should be a solution to that, which you have to find out. Dig deeper to find that and you are done with that .

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