Handling an Egoistic Interviewee

Ego tussles in a corporate environment are one of the primary factors leading to lower productivity, low employee morale and as result an overall disruptive functioning of an organization. Now, as a recruiter it is very easy to say that you will not be allowing anything of that sort to put your organization at jeopardy. Things get easier for you when you are able to identify an egoistic candidate right during the interview and dismiss him outright. But have you ever thought of encountering possible dilemmas in this regard? What if the candidate, in spite of being egoistic,
has exceptional credentials to back his candidacy? What if the skills and experience of this particular candidate promise a world of possibilities for the future of your organization? Can you dismiss him just because he has certain ego issues to offer? The answer might as well be a flat ďno.Ē As much as it might sound difficult, you might as well be prepared for certain exceptions in your professional life. Whereas its easy to strike off potential employees with ego issues and not much to offer in terms of skills, it wouldnít be the same when an extraordinary hire is in line, even if he is egoistic. Here are certain ways to handle an egoistic interviewee.

Be Professional: Yes, for employees who are dealing with egoistic employers, this is the first advice thatís generally offered. Itís the same when you are at the other end of the table. Be professional. But donít be meek. Remember that itís the other person who is in need of a job and not you- his skills might be required for bolstering the output of your organization, but that does not mean that you as the hirer are timidly surrendering to his demands or responding in an unusually timorous manner to please him. No matter what --- you are not required to please him but politely explain to him the present status of your company and, if required, why both of you would need each other to further each othersí future goals. In short, your first lesson would be to stay firm and not be intimidated.

Try to Depersonalize: Yes, as a hirer, owner recruiter or even as the manager you might as well be a little emotional about your organization. There are chances that you might be a little hurt when the candidate goes on bragging about his own professional skills, his own goals without even making a passing mention of your company while discussing about his future. It is important to depersonalize yourself emotionally from such a candidate. Listen to what he has to say and then ask him whether at all he would be interested in serving the organization for a long term or not. Answer to this question would be crucial in influencing your hiring decision.

Don't Create A Row: You might as well sense that the interviewee sitting in front of you, is not really adept at putting his ego aside during the all important rendezvous. You know that keeping his ego aside, he might turn out to be a prized hire for your company. In that case, it would only be prudent not to lose your calm thereby ordering him to leave right away. Instead you can politely ask him to reconsider his approach towards the job interview. If he is a fresher then he might as well listen to you. If he is too headstrong, then you definitely have the option to strike him off! But do take your chances before that!

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