Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (Hong Kong)

The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, known alternately as or HKUST´╗┐, is one of the leading research and education institutions across the globe. Science, Business and Management, Engineering, Interdisciplinary programs are some of the disciplines forming a part of the Schools and PG Programs here. In the year 2013, this university was ranked highly among the top 400 universities in the world. If you are appearing for a face to face interview here, make sure that you are treating it as importantly as your written examinations. Listed below are some ways in which you can expect to crack an interview at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (Hong Kong)

Know Your Subject Well: Though it might seem incongruous to begin with, there are times when students fail even to answer the basic questions related to their subjects. It can be attributed to general nervousness or else overconfidence as well. However, due preparations can help you conquer both. Sit down with the general interview questions related to your subject. Go back to your initial lectures where you had collected those rare class notes- points that are hardly discussed but are thought provoking nonetheless. Try to introduce those rare angles when you are dealing with subject specific questions.

Prepare Behavioral Questions. Dedicate separate time for preparing behavioral interview questions as well. These ones often turn out to be the trickiest portion of the rendezvous. So it is very important to dedicate a considerable portion of your time to framing these questions. It would not always be possible to remember your past achievements or ways of dealing with failure in detail. Jot them down in a systematic manner so that you can at least remember them. Make sure that after you have prepared your questions you are dedicating at least half an hour for attending mock interviews in front of your mirror. This will help you to identify flaws in your facial expressions or body languages thereby boosting chances of self learning. The moment you see yourself answering questions you would automatically know where you are going wrong. For instance, you might as well be frowning or dropping your eye-lids too much, or else that occasional smile is missing at the right intervals. Rectify these little mistakes here and there.

Know about the University: Make sure that you are duly upgrading your knowhow about the university. Research thoroughly about its background, courses offered by it, any recent news related to the university etc.

Expect the Unexpected: Do not go inside that room thinking that you would be offered a smooth ride there. No matter how hard you have prepared yourself, its always better to expect questions that are totally out of the box and nowhere related to your syllabus. Most Hong Kong universities, are in fact, known to pose such strange questions as "Why do you like Michael Jakson?"

Possible Interview Questions at the university

Q1.Why do you want to join here?
Q2.Please tell us about your project in detail.
Q3.Do you have any weakness? Would you like to share that with us?
Q4.What do you know about us?
Q5.How did you apply here?

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