How to answer uncomfortable interview questions?

A little bit of homework before attending the all important job interview may put you in good stead as there are chances of you being really caught off guard with those uncomfortable questions thrown at you. There are numerous sites which guide you properly on how to tackle uncomfortable interview questions. Look these sites up, take their help and frame your own answers for questions which you think might turn out to be a little tactful for you.

Before going through the much needed preparations to handle the uncomfortable interview questions you must know certain things about them.

Keep in mind that these questions are not meant to provoke you. These are just tactful ways to test your patience, your reaction towards challenges and your ways of dealing with discomfort which might creep in your professional life as well. So develop a very positive attitude towards these questions. Even before sitting for your interview know that you are going to face these questions and that you need to deal with them professionally.

Remember that at times calmness can be the sole mantra for success and nailing the all important interview. Make sure that you develop this calmness even before you attend the interview. The pre interview jitters will be there. But don’t let them affect your rendezvous with the interviewer. Be sure you maintain a perfectly uniform and agreeable body language throughout. Don’t let any amount of pressure make you waver physically or mentally. Stay calm throughout that 20 -30 minutes and you might end up seeing that you have sailed through the most difficult questions with ease!

As mentioned earlier you can look up the net to find out more about these questions. Additionally you can also talk to your seniors about some of the quirkiest interviews they had to face and how they dealt with them!

Some of the Uncomfortable Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Remember that half the battle is won once you develop the right kind of attitude towards the challenges thrown at you even before facing them. Now that you have assured the right frame of mind for yourself get to know about some of the uncomfortable interview questions and ways to deal with them.

One of the common interview questions which you might come across is “Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.” As easy as it may sound remember that the interviewer is looking at particular qualities which are directly co related to the job you have applied for. You can easily highlight your weaknesses by referring to past job experiences while you have been criticized for your work. But what about the strengths? You had been doing regular work that your teammates had been doing and it might have been that success was mostly a result of teamwork. Chances are that your work schedule never gave you time to introspect and to realize your strengths. Thus try to think about situations when your suggestions were instrumental in making a breakthrough. Or else try to remember instances when your boss particularly wanted you to carry out a particular project. Think why you had been summoned for that job, or else how your decisions helped your organization and then frame your answers on your strengths.

“Why are leaving your present job?” is one of the most common questions which you will face during an interview. Here the interviewer tries to gauge a number of things from your answer to this question--- your professional relationships, your commitment towards a particular organization and your overall attitude towards your job. Thus, put everything in a positive light. Even if you have had bitter experiences in your previous job, don’t attribute your decision to leave the job to those experiences. Or if you are really bored with your present profile, be polite enough not to say that. Tell the interviewer that you are willing to explore new horizons in your field which has influenced you to look for a job change.

Other uncomfortable questions which you might face are “Describe a situation when you had been criticized by your boss or colleague, how did you deal with it? Or, “Describe a situation when you resolved the conflict between two of your colleagues.” Or “Tell us about a situation when there was a conflict between your ideals and your job policies, how you handled them?” While answering the first two questions try to convey positive vibes to your interviewer. Develop a balanced approach. Don’t go overboard with your emotions trying to portray a rigid attitude of your colleagues. Instead highlight your strengths by saying how you in your own little way tried to deal with the situations and succeeded. Try to frame an equally balanced answer for the answering the last question as well.

Other uncomfortable Interview Questions

How about formulating your own answers to some of these questions below?

a) Why are you unemployed for such a long time?

b) Why do think we should train you in Human Resources when you don’t have the prior academic background?

c) How did you manage to appear for this interview during your office hours?


Now that you have an idea of how to face uncomfortable interview questions and what these questions can actually be, be prepared to brace your challenges with elan!

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