How to Avoid Bad Interview Behavior?

A job interview is not the place to demonstrate bizarre personality traits. If you are bracing yourself up for a job interview, then please make sure that you're in your best behavior thereby duly steering clear of any kind of misconduct. Listed below are some ways by which you can do the same.

Research: Just as you would invest due time in going through the possible questions to be asked at the interview, you should pay equal attention to researching about ways of dressing up for the day, of adopting the right body language etc.

Don't be Overconfident: Diffidence in an interview is not desirable. But neither is overconfidence. Make sure that even if you're absolutely sure about the answers you are placing; neither your tone nor your body language should reflect overconfidence. Maintaining politeness throughout would be your key to success.  It's ok not to be able to answer each and every question thrown at you. But it is absolutely not advisable to be audacious or impudent.

  Make Sure that You have an Agreeable Body Language: Yes! Not to forget that your body language would be keenly examined by your interviewer though he is not actually going to spell out to you that he is going to do the same. For instance, you might well be kept waiting for more than half an hour or so before you are finally called for the interview. Don't make the mistake of conveying your irritation through your body language, in that case. A frown or the absence of smile just because you are not happy to be kept waiting, can actually act as a spoiler. Here are some crucial body language tips for the interview:

  • Don't keep both your hands on the table
  • Don't slouch
  • Sit up straight
  • Maintain an agreeable smile throughout
  • Don't forget to shake hands both while coming in and leaving
  • Don't avoid eye contact with the interviewer while speaking to him
  • If you are in a dining interview don't speak with your mouth full

Don't Flout Basic Rules of An Interview: Please make sure that you aren't reflecting blatant insincerity from your end by being late for the interview. Additionally make sure that you are also researching about the history of the company duly. If you end up giving half-baked answers when asked a question like “What do you know about our organization?”, it would not only reflect lack of preparation but also blatant disregard for the job you have applied for. This itself is potent enough to leave your interviewer offended. Here are other tips to you should follow:

  • Don't argue with your interviewer
  • Don't put on a garish make-up or clothes thus violating a usual interview dress code
  • Don't leave the place on a bad note even if the interview has gone wrong

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