How to focus on your strength in Interview

A job interview might itself turn out to be a nerve-wracking experience; on top of that the prospect of "selling yourself" proves all the more daunting. But as a potential interviewee or job seeker you should know that there is absolutely no other way. The hiring manager has shortlisted your CV from a database promising a pool of talent and it is your duty to live up to what your resume promises. In order to do that you need to focus on your greatest strengths that would be required by you to ace the interview. Here are a few tips to do the same:

As you start preparing yourself for your job interview, you might as well start by asking yourself a few important questions like- "Why should the company hire you?" "How would you be different from those ten-fifteen candidates appearing for the interview and are as eager to make a mark as you are?" Now, these run of the mill questions themselves will lead you to possible answers. Once you begin questioning yourself you will realize how important it to stand out as a candidate is. Everybody out there can say that he/she can work hard or for that matter he/she is a great leader. Even you can do that. But how? Donít just give away random answers like these. It is important to back your claims by examples. That is how you "sell" or advertise yourself at an interview. The moment you say something about your strength make sure you are referring to past job or relevant personal life experiences to prove your point.

A good way to go about the same would be to write down about your strengths days prior to your interview and going through them frequently while your preparations are still on. It is important to note down your own qualities. There are thick chances of you missing out on crucial points during the interview if you donít adopt a systematic approach in this regard.

It would be better if you are taking the trouble to jot down possible questions focussing on your strengths and preparing answers accordingly. Please go through general interview questions (on strengths) and prepare answers accordingly. Some of the questions are listed below:

What do you think are your biggest strengths?
How do you plan to turn your weaknesses in to strengths?

You would be required to focus on your strong points even when you are answering questions like:

"Where do you see yourself five years from now?"
"How can you assure us that you would be able to lead such a vast team in our organization?"
What really drives you to do better during failure? Or, how do you motivate yourself to do better?

Please remember that your career goals, ability to motivate yourself etc are actually dependent on your strengths both as a professional and as an regular individual. Your answers to questions like those mentioned above will go a long way to prove whether you are taking your career seriously or are just taking random shots at it. For instance, if you are answering a question about your long term professional goal, you canít end up saying "I want to becomeÖ just because I like it." You have to say why you are particularly driven to a profile, how your organizational skills make you an apt candidate for the profile you are aiming at etc. Even when you are asked to introduce yourself, part of your answer should reflect your leadership skills, organizational abilities etc.

Last Updated On: 24/09/2013

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