How to Give Examples During Job Interview

Giving concrete examples of your claims during a job interview is a great way to propel your chances as a candidate. The interviewer quizzing you on the other side of table might have a host of interviews lined up for the day and he simply doesnít have time to listen to empty claims made by a potential job seeker. Yes, backing claims up with relevant examples means business. If you are saying something about your strength or ability make sure you are referring to relevant experiences in order to consolidate your claim. Here are some ways by which you can do the same.

A barrage of general questions about your communication skills, organizational capacities, and leadership qualities etc would be thrown at you. You might have all these qualities but your interviewer would hardly come to know about them if you donít tell him why you feel that you have these qualities. Now, here lies the trick. A lot of aspirants would end up reflecting on generalized experiences like "I have considerable experience of managing a 30-35 member team at my previous job or else "I have been an active participant of major fests in my college and were also entrusted with back stage responsibilities" etc. However, a more ideal answer in these cases would be to pick out particular incidents from your experiences and then talk about each of them briefly. Better ways of answering these questions would be:

"I have considerable experience of managing a 30-35 member team at my previous job and one incident reaffirmed my faith in my leadership or organizational qualities was when I was particularly instrumental in sorting out a work-division related issue in my team." You can go on describing the incident in a compact manner from thereon.

The interviewer will anyhow be able to estimate your communication skills as you converse with him. However, he might just ask you to rate your communication skills on a scale of 1 to 10. In this case rate it and then go on to say how your teachers or ex employers or else colleagues have praised this particular quality of yours. Similarly stress on the way you have worked towards strengthening this particular skill by taking part in extempore, public speaking, debates and have been rewarded with certificates and prizes as well. Donít forget to bring your certificates as the interviewer might ask for them once their mention has been made.

One of the crucial questions where your skill would be tested is through your ability to resolve conflicts at workplace. Here also you can give concrete example how once you had called truce between two of your most important team members as you identified the internal tensions between them and resolved it by sitting them down and expressing concern for the project that was getting affected as a result of this conflict- how you expressed to them that good vibes between them were required not only for the future of a single project but many such projects to come etc. Therefore, frame your questions and examples likewise. Be honest, confident and seal the deal for yourself.

Last Updated On: 25/09/2013

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