How to Handle a Rude Interviewer

It is not common to find a rude interviewer as they canít afford to risk the companyís image in front of an outsider, especially someone who is seeking a job in the same organization. However, in a very rare case scenario if you do find a rude interviewer, it is probably because you have caught him/her on a bad day. It is sad that some people fail to control their emotions and forget professional behavior. Unfortunately if you face someone like that, do let a bad behavior distract you. Your focus should be on your goal of getting the job. †Below are a few ways to deal with an angry interviewer.

Tips to handle a rude interview:

Be calm and focused: the last thing you want to do is annoy the interviewer even more. So do not get irritated and shout back. Just try to keep your mind calm and focused towards the job. Thinking you might be the cause of his/her irritation is absolutely senseless. It is the first time you are interacting with the person interviewing you and there is no chance you could have annoyed him. Something bad must have happened at work or in his/her personal life which has caused the irritation. Give it sometime and the interviewer would probably regain his/her normal behavior. If not, you continue to keep yourself calm and reply to his/her questions with a professional attitude.

Choose your words wisely: As mentioned above, you do not want to make the interviewer more irritated than his/she already is. Getting mad at the interviewer and replying with equal rudeness is something you should absolutely avoid. Do not forget that you are an interviewee and you have to be in the job market to find jobs, irrespective of whether you get this one or not. If a bad word about you goes out in the market, itíll be hard for you to find a job. Hence itís best to be polite and try to get through the interview.

Try to take a break: In a worst case scenario if you see that the interview is getting too much for you to handle, try to take a break. Though taking a break might not be a very positive thing to do but it is better than offending the interviewer and making the situation even worse. Go out of the room for a minute, have a glass of water, get some fresh air, calm yourself down and then get back into the room. You could also tell your interviewer very politely that there is a lot of tension building up in the room, so how about starting over the interview again.

†Turn the energies around: Again, remember your goal is to get the job, but with all the tension and negative energy, itíd be hard for you to be at your best. So, take the lead and show confidence, politeness and friendly attitude. Doing so is likely to help in calming down the interviewer and also will demonstrate your abilities to handle tensed situations.

So go ahead, give it your best shot and do not let an angry interviewer get in the way of achieving your goals. And remember clam, polite, friendly and confident attitude is the way to deal with rude interviewers. Good luck!

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