How to handle the last minute phone interview

Telephonic interviews often happen at a short notice, as you never know when an HR executive calls you up and it starts taking some details from you. It means, you might not be prepared for this unexpected last-minute phone interview.

Though, in most of the cases telephonic interview happen to contact candidates, who are not located in the prospective employer's city. But, nowadays, telephonic interviews happen not only to contact the candidates in different geographical areas, but also for pre-screening and answering resume questions. They might also want to know your basic qualifications and that you are suitable for the company or not. It saves a lot of time both for you and the employer.

If you are informed about the interview on a short notice, for example, within 24 hours, or an instant telephonic round, there's no need to get embarrassed. In this article, we are going to provide you some tips to effectively handle the last-minute phone interview.

Visualize your resume and its content

The first thing you can do to effectively handle your telephonic interview is to visualize your resume as if it is in front of you. So, all the details and the information provided in the resume should be in front of you while answering questions. It will help you to collect your thoughts and stay calm while answering questions. You are being interviewed is a signal that the employer is genuinely interested in you as a prospective candidate. It also means that he is in urgent requirement to fill up the position and this would be extremely helpful for you. However, you should be smart enough to provide the relevant details and skills that strengthen your prospects to get selected. You should know well in advance, as to what skills and experience, you're going to highlight. Also, don't forget to turn the weaknesses of your resume into your strengths. It will provide you direction and a theme to answer questions confidently.

Know about your prospective employer

If you don't know much about your prospective employer, Google search their details. You can also look for the case studies, campaigns and new initiative that they're going to take. You should also perform a LinkedIn search to check if you're connected to this company through some of your connection, who is working with it. As, that person might be of great help to know more about the company and its policies.

Get intuitive and think on your feet

Don't get nervous or uneasy, if such a telephonic interview happens without any information. Even if you don't know much about the company, it is not a big problem. Keep your calm and maintain your natural flow. Use your intuition, if you don't know much about the company and

Control your environment

If the telephonic interview is happening at a place, where you are not very comfortable answering the questions, take a deep breath and control the environment around you. Answer the questions professionally without sounding excited or nervous.

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