How to Handle Stress or Pressure During Interview

If you think that you are the only aspirant out there who is stressed out before that all important job interview, be rest assured that you are not the only one. If that makes you feel better, then be prepared to be further happy about the fact that stress is necessarily not detrimental for you. How? Let us find out. According to many experienced candidates out there, pressure or good stress acts as a motivator. They actually perform better under the heat. There is little room for complacency during pressure situations and it gets easier for individuals to sharpen their focus. However, you need to differentiate between "good stress" and "bad stress" in order to be duly motivated. Whereas good stress only promotes the need for hard work, bad stress, on the other hand, can actually give rise to excessive nervousness, low self esteem thereby distracting you from your goal. Here are certain ways to beat your stress (read bad stress) during a job interview:

Prepare Thoroughly: Please make sure that you are preparing yourself thoroughly before the interview. Be they the technical questions or the behavioral ones- invest due time in preparing both. Start early. Avail online help in order to jot down possible interview questions that might be posed to you and prepare in accordance. While answers to technical questions would vary with different profiles there is a basic technique that applies to preparing behavioral questions. There will be a lot of questions focusing on your past achievements, the way you had solved problems etc. Itís better to jot down your past exploits and go through them so that you donít miss out on key points while answering.

Make Sure You are Learning about the company's past: In case you are unable to answer any question related to the past of the company you are interviewing at, it would leave a very bad impression on the interviewer himself. Donít let that happen, research duly on the company you are interviewing for as well. Itís also required for you to judge your suitability for the particular organization as well.

Try to Attend Multiple Interviews: There are times in your career when you are flooded with job offers or interviewers. If not all of them, it is better at least to attend some of those interviews in order to become more adept with the general ambience of job interviews. It will help you slowly get over with general apprehensions tied to boardroom interviews.

Steer Clear of Negative Feelings: Please make sure that you are not allowing negative feelings to overwhelm you while the interview is being conducted. You just might realize that the answer to your previous question had not been able to please the interviewer. Itís ok. These things happen. Donít be overwhelmed by nervousness thereby ruining answers to your next questions as well. Think positive. There is no need to believe that a bad answer has already jeopardized your entire interview. Hold your nerves! You still have a few more questions to go before your fate is decided. Learn to turn the tide in your favor by following these few tips and remain stress-free!

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