How to Improve Your Interview Techniques

It does not need to be emphasized that competition for jobs in almost every commercial or industrial segment has become increasingly intense in the past few years. Just having higher academic degrees and a well-dressed CV will not suffice as far as receiving an offer of employment is concerned.

What you express in the job interview and how you communicate the same equally matters. Your body language, mannerisms, and attitudes will also be taken into consideration by the interviewer before he or she can shortlist you for the next interview round.

Amongst other things, you’d have to give due credence to mastering the interview techniques including but not limited to lucidly putting forth what’s already there on your CV, and explaining why you’re the best fit for the advertised position. Above all, practice the art of being a good listener and keep a positive outlook.

Be a Good Listener

Most job applicants are so excited and eager to speak about themselves in the interview that they can’t muster the patience to allow the interviewer to finish his question first. It goes without saying that you’re under stress right from the day you come to know that you’ve been scheduled for an interview which reaches a crescendo when you take your seat in the interview room.


But you must realize that it’s quite normal to have a fair degree of anxiety and learn to take it in your stride. Don’t allow stress to distract your attention. Instead of losing your focus, listen to the interviewer’s questions attentively before you can come up with relevant replies.

The Facts Should Be On Your Fingertips

Your interviewer will surely ask you questions relating to your previous work experience, your academic qualifications, and noteworthy work accomplishments despite the fact that the details are there on the resume. Besides reviewing your articulation skills, the interviewer will also want to establish whether the info you provide about your academic profile and work history corresponds with what is there on your bio-data.

So, take your time in carefully reviewing the tasks you performed in your previous job positions, the periods of employment, and so on. Furthermore, find out as much as you can about the organization you’re applying to and about the responsibilities associated with the position.

Concentrate on How You Speak

How you answer your interviewer’s questions is extremely crucial. The hiring manager expects you to answer questions about how’d you describe yourself, what responsibilities you fulfilled in your last job and why you left, confidently and consistently, and as succinctly as possible. Always use short sentences with simple words, avoid clichés, slangs and jargons, and don’t be long-winded.

Most importantly, know instinctively when to end your answers. Furthermore, your body-language and gestures should mirror what you’re saying. So, needless to say, for answering your interviewer’s questions effectively, you’ll need to rehearse a lot and well in advance.

Make a shortlist of the questions that you’re most likely to be asked and practise answering the same in front of a mirror. Observe your body language, your intonation, and your voice. Record your answers and listen to them repetitively in order to acquire fluency. Have someone senior listen to your answers and let him give his comments. Additionally, you can contact an HR expert for valuable guidelines on how to conduct yourself in an interview.

A Positive Outlook Always Matters

If you want to demonstrate that you have it in you to efficiently execute the responsibilities associated with the job, then you’d need to keep a positive outlook. You should send the right vibes by wearing a smile on your face, punctuating your replies with humorous anecdotes, and by being enthusiastic. You should show that you’re keen to join the organization and contribute towards its growth and development by asking intelligent questions and also sharing your knowledge about the company.

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