How to prepare for an interview at Best Buy

The profile of a particular company primarily determines your interview preparations. Thus it is imperative to have a keen understanding of the same before you start preparing for an interview.

Best Buy is a retail store dealing in televisions, laptops, mobiles, computers etc. Therefore even before delving right into the interview questions asked particularly by the managers at Best Buy, do a little bit of research on how retail stores in general pose their questions, what do they look for in a candidate, what is the basic knowledge you should be equipped with while facing interview questions at a company dealing into mobiles, laptops etc. Here is more on how you can boost your preparations for an interview at Best Buy.

Research: Do a little bit of research on the company. If possible visit the nearby stores of Best Buy in order to find out a little about the company. While being asked questions like “Why should we hire you?” or “Why do you want to join the company?” you can base your answer on your research. Say that you are aware of their history as a reputed company, of their extension plans which are perfectly compatible with your career plans, of the high quality attached to their products etc.

Know what kind of questions you might face: Since Best Buy is a retail store be prepared to face questions regarding your multi-tasking ability, working on weekends, your ability to mingle and work peacefully in a team, reporting earlier for work if required etc. Expect questions like these:

a) How will you work towards meeting strict deadlines if there is no one to supervise?

b) How would you react if the store requires you to work in a department (for example laptops) of which you don’t have any knowledge?

c) Will you ever compromise on your mode of work? Would you be participating equally in an operation when you don’t like the way your teammates are working?

d) Was there ever a time when you missed a deadline? If yes, describe that experience in detail.

Be a little discreet with your get up at the interview:
Since an interview is a formal occasion try something like a formal shirt, tie, formal shoes and formal pants. Make sure your hair is properly combed and you are properly shaved. A lot of companies do allow semi formal or casual clothes at an interview. However since little is known about the dress code at Best Buy it’s better to play safe and go the formal way.

What kind of an impression should you create?
The aforementioned questions must have given you a fair idea of what Best Buy will be looking for in a candidate. As a candidate you are expected to deal with deadlines, multi-tasking requirements, unexpected situations without the help of supervisors if required etc. Therefore know that you have to satisfy them on these questions. Create an impression that you are someone who is able to work independently and bail the store out of weird situations. Back your claims by giving examples of such situations.

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