How to Prepare When Planning a Profile Change

Career is all about reinventing oneself and taking on better challenges. So, after a couple of years through your career, there comes a time when you feel the need for a change from your current profile. Whether you are looking for a more interesting profile or a higher package, you must carefully plan the change so that you do not end up with another unsatisfactory position.

Look for an internal transfer first

If the reason you are looking for a change in job profile is a stagnant job or a position that does not interest you, it is a good idea to look for a change within your current company. You can speak to your boss about wanting different job responsibilities. In case there is a vacancy that suits your interest, your boss might put you through to the HR and then you can proceed from there. Looking for a shift internally is less of a risk. You have the opportunity to retain your current job until you actually find the job that you are looking for. If you are successful, the change adds a lot of value to your portfolio. It looks better when you look for a different employer and pitch for a better package.

Ensure your resume is updated

In order to look for a change in job profile, your resume should list all qualifications and achievements that will give your employers a good first impression. In order to take a chance with a total shift in job responsibilities, you must have enough practical experience that makes you suitable for that position. If you have done any course or have been part of a project that suits the requirements of your new job, make sure that you add them into your resume. You many even want to include specific details about why you are planning to change your job profile so that you will not have to face the same questions at the interview. For good measure, hire a professional resume writing service to create a highly effective resume.

 Speak to potential employers

There are many ways to look for potential employers for your new job. There are online portals that will allow you to segregate you choices and also narrow down your options. If you have already thought of potential employers, you can make an application to a desired post.

Be prepared to face interviews pertaining to your new profile. The one question that you must be well prepared to answer is why you are looking for a change in profile. Additionally, you must have sound knowledge about the requirements of the new job.  

 Understand the possible packages and difference from your current CTC (Cost to Company)

When you are looking for a change in your profile, you can expect a hike between 20%- 30%. However, this is not quite the case with a completely different job. you must be prepared to start from the bottom and then work your way up. If you do not have the academic qualifications or the necessary practical knowledge, you may have to start as a fresher and then work towards a better position. If your new profile is similar or closely related to your current job, you can start off with a package similar to your current job instantly. Before you decide to change, analyse your skills and identify job profiles that give you maximum scope for growth based on your skill set.

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