How to survive and get hired in a horrible interview?

Reasons for anxiety during an interview

An interview is always considered to be stressful, unpredictable, and full of nervous anxiety. There are various reasons behind it. The anxiety begins the moment you feel something unpredictable and unexpected is happening.

There might be different reasons for that; for example, maybe you are not able to get a job for a long time. It builds up pressure and as a result generally things do not fall in place. Another reason might be a financial urgency, which is also a major reason why people are not pretty comfortable in front of the interviewer. They are desperate for the job and they make mistakes, which are pretty obvious. In the real world, things are not as perfect as they seem to be theoretically.

Some unexpected situations

Sometimes even minor things can put pressure and create anxiety and nervous energy. These things include traffic jams and resulted delay in reaching the interview venue. The weather may be not pleasant or there might be too many people waiting in a room for the interview, which creates a lot of stress. Maybe the interviewer is not taking the interview seriously and is intermittently busy on his phone. It gives you an impression that you're not able to impress him, which might not always be the case. Use this opportunity to prove that you are the best fit for the job.

Unfavorable surroundings

Some things like an empty water-cooler or excessive heat in the room (because air-conditioners might not be working) also create problems such as sweating etc., but, you should push yourself to try your best to stay calm and put your best foot forward. Don't get annoyed by these trivial issues, as these problems also bring something positive. For example, if an air conditioner is not working or there is some background noise because of the ongoing construction of a cabin nearby, it signals that the organization is busy, growing and earning profits. They also might be in urgent need of someone to fill up the position, which you can use to work in your favor.

Be prepared

A heightened anxiety is quite common phenomena during interviews and that's the reason expert interviewers first try to make their interviewees comfortable. But, if the initiative doesn't come from the interviewer, you have to do it yourself. You should be prepared for a less than perfect interview and the surroundings. You might also be prepared for hostile environment. But, it doesn't mean that you have no luck.

Things are not as hostile as you think

Sometimes the interviewer tries to rush you through the interview, because either there is some urgency, such as a client visit or there are too many people to be interviewed by a certain deadline. So, this shouldn't be cause for worry. It's pretty common in the corporate world and you should try to utilize the limited time allotted to you to showcase your abilities and skills. If, this is the scenario, you can briefly and smartly highlight your skills, so that the interviewer can take notes. It doesn't mean that he is taking you lightly and deliberately not giving you enough time to talk.

Bring your own water, pen, marker, and food etc. to the interview venue, in case you need it. Apart from the weakness question, you should also be prepared for some other negative questions. You shouldn't take these questions personally, as they are aimed to assess your personality traits. Stay calm, and answer everything professionally and logically. You can brainstorm negative questions when in advance, so that you are in the right frame of mind in the interview room.

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