How to Take Interview for a Creative Job

With the recession in the economy showing no signs of receding, jobs are hard to come by as unemployment levels are at all time high. So, needless to say, nowadays thousands of candidates send in applications for a typical job position in any industrial or commercial sector. This figure used to be in hundreds even two decades back. Amidst such a scenario, employers or interviewers have to schedule a meticulous interview process that effectively screens all potential candidates in a manner that only the most desirable ones are shortlisted for the final round.

Interviewing for Creative Jobs 

The interview procedure or technique for a creative or inventive job position is even tougher. Candidates not only have to face a battery of situational or behavioural questions but also have to be mentally prepared for the entire process which could last for weeks. Interviewers too have to be adequately geared for effectively conducting interviews for creative jobs.  Following are some of the techniques or strategies that interviewer usually resort to for presiding over creative interview sessions.

Conducting the Session Outside of Office Premises

Interviewers and employers holding interviews in restaurants, cafeterias or even in a nature park is becoming an increasing trend. Many interviewers are taking the whole interview program out of their office or business premises. The interviewer breaks the ice by asking the job applicant to order a meal according to his or her preference and then tries to put the candidate at ease by asking simple questions. Gradually, the interview gathers pace as the meal arrives and the interviewer graduates to asking situational questions. The idea of holding the session in an informal setting is to observe the candidate’s behavioural traits in general and also to watch his or her table manners.

Asking Open-Ended Questions

Interviewers holding interviews on behalf of world famous organizations like Google, McKinsey & Company, and Rolls-Royce often ask questions which often do not have any definite or standard answers. These questions require the candidate to have uncanny common sense and ready wit to answer the same. Sample these questions-‘How’ll you kill two birds with one stone?’ ‘What are the ten things you’d surely try to do if you knew that you only one more day to live’?

Letting the Applicant Hold the Interview

Sometimes the interviewer might turn the tables by asking the job applicant to take charge of the interview. This is an out-of-the-ordinary approach as far as holding a creative interview is concerned, as it perfectly tests a candidate’s mettle. This method can evaluate a candidate’s confidence level and his or her likes and dislikes.

There are many other techniques of executing interviews for creative positions like exploiting the automated social networks, assigning a real-life case problem, assuming a psychological approach and so on.

Some creative interview questions

Q.Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Q.What made you apply to our organization?
Q.Can you describe yourself in two or three lines in a humorous manner?
Q.What makes you excel?
Q.What is/are your passion(s)?
Q.What made you resign from your last job?
Q.In what way can you contribute to our company?
Q.What questions would you like to ask me?

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