How to take Interview

Just as a job hunter goes through a gamut of emotions before appearing for the all-important interview, the interviewer or the hirer himself might have to deal with a few nerves as well. You might have conducted a string of job interviews in your fairly long career span, but there is no end to learning.

Just as an interviewee must prepare himself to hone his skills further and rectify his past mistakes, an interviewer should resort to such preparations as well. Please remember that the well-being of the organization is dependent on the efficiency of the team of workers steering it. A bad hire can hardly contribute in any manner to the company. Therefore, it would only be advisable that you go through a few useful tips to take an interview properly:

Research: Just as an interviewee would conduct due research on the company, even you should take the trouble of researching about the interviewee. No, you do not really have to go out of your way in order to gather information about him/her. Just make sure that you are going through the resumes of the candidates thoroughly a day prior to the rendezvous. The resumes, no doubt, have been chosen from a huge database- so the initial screening has already been conducted. However, if you can still find out time to sit with the resumes and somehow rectify one or two strong and weak points of the candidates to be thus judged the next day, it would be easier for you to frame your questions accordingly.

Donít Intimidate: Steer clear of the notion that taking an interview necessarily means intimidating the person sitting on the other side of the table. Grill the interviewee only as much as is required. There is seriously no need to unnecessarily counter him only in order to put him down. Remember, that at the end of the day itís your job to find the ideal recruit for your concern and not establish your prowess as an interrogator.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions: Be polite enough to ask the interviewee if he has any question to ask you, at the end of the interview. Please be ready with answers. If you have tested the candidateís confidence throughout the rendezvous, it would be your turn to exude the same flamboyance when a vital question is thrown from the job seekerís end.

Questions might revolve around the respective job roles, the present status of the company etc. In this regard, it would be better if you go through comprehensive lists of questions posed by interviewees, on the internet. Please remember that the question posed by the job seeker might as well reflect his urge to know about the profile or the company as well.

Be Skeptical: Be on your guard against candidates who are not interested in maintaining the basics of a job interview like:
  • Punctuality
  • Dress Code
  • Code of conduct (if he seems too irritable, a bit restless, doesnít have proper body language etc)
  • Not speaking ill about his previous company/boss

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