How to use Linkedin for finding a job?

The traditional methods of job search like newspapers, job portals, and trade publications may help you land up with a job at present but can hardly act as a solid networking tool for you. In the present age of hardcore networking and Social Media, it is difficult to undermine the need to work towards building a strong professional network to guarantee better career chances for yourself. LinkedIn is a huge platform having personal referrals with over 175 million members in more than 140 industries. It is basically a social networking website for thorough professionals looking for job change or who are unemployed at present. It is rather surprising to know that many job seekers out there are yet to utilize their LinkedIn profiles in the best possible manner. They are either too confused about the site or are plain indifferent. The following steps will help you to have a better understanding of LinkedIn so that you can use it for finding the right job for yourself:

Know more about LinkedIn: The first and foremost task for you even before creating a profile is to know more about the site itself. Do your kind of research; ask professionals how this site can help you to build the much coveted network in your chosen field. The figures mentioned above must have given you an idea what LinkedIn has stored for you once you create a profile. Here’s more on its features:

a) It is basically a platform where like minded professionals can connect to each other

b) Its members are always in the hunt for jobs as recruiters are frequently referring to the LinkedIn database to secure valuable information about prospective employees

c) Around 500 members from 500 Fortune companies have their profiles on this site

d) After you have created a LinkedIn profile, it acts as job portal for you keeping you informed about jobs, or groups which might interest you.

Create a proper Profile: Create a proper profile on this site. Remember this is a professional site and you need to go about it in a professional manner. Choose a proper photograph of yourself, incorporate all the skills mentioned in resume in the site—don’t be hesitant to keep on improving your profile till you are satisfied. LinkedIn provides you an amazing opportunity to keep on improving on your profile where you can mention elaborately about your job skills, interests, needs, passion and anything you are working on at present etc. Incorporate your resume in order to build a complete profile.

Build your Network: Don’t expect to be flooded with job offers on the very first day of creating a profile. Getting connected to your favored groups or employers will take time. The very first thing you should do is to spread the word. The moment you create a profile, the site will give an option to connect to and invite people on your network. Broaden your network by inviting these people so that you have chances to get connected with like minded people on their network.

Avail the advanced search option and find out where people from your background and possessing your skills are working.

The Company Profiles section gives detailed information of what companies are looking for at present. Check out the “Companies in Your Network” section as well.

The Company Pages on the site contains a section called “New Hires” informing you about people who have recently joined the organization. Be a little proactive and ask these people how they landed up with the job.

Work towards getting recommendations from your colleagues, manager and your seniors. This really boosts your prospects projecting you as a much valued employee.

Stay updated about the latest in your job field. Post them at status updates on the site. You can even share pertinent links which will further your visibility. Additionally try to be more responsive by visiting the “answer section” of the site. Post answers to questions already posted or post further questions as well. These measures will not only improve your prospects but will make your mundane job search way more exciting!

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