How to use Twitter for finding a job?

Micro blogging site Twitter is much more than a conventional job portal, which only offers you a host of keyword based job searches based on your background and skills. The job search process on Twitter is not merely based on going through the job listings and applying accordingly. Here you have to bring the best of your networking skills in order to grab your dream profile. If you are really passionate about your dream job then it would be not advisable to exclude Twitter from the entire process of your job search. As much as you are eager to land up with a new job, employers out there are resorting to new ways to zero in on their preferred candidates. Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly becoming reliable resources for employers not only because of their cost effectiveness but also for their visibility. Talking about Twitter, if utilized properly it can accelerate your job hunt in a major way. Hereís more on how you can use the site for finding a job:

Design a Proper Bio: The 160 word bio should be professional, highlighting your strengths and most importantly should have the mention that you are looking for jobs.

Follow the right kind of people: Twitter gives you the freedom to choose from an impressive mix of people. There is no dearth of eminent people from various fields to share their knowledge and interests with you-- be it music, dance, films, Social Media, marketing, entrepreneurs, painting, journalism, sports, Information Technology, graphic designing, academics, photography etc. Thus build your network wisely. Try to follow those people whom you think will play a significant role in your job search. Keep in mind that when you are following people you should check their following- follower ratio and also the authenticity of their account.

Keep in touch and stay updated: Merely following the right kind of people will not do. You have to be on Twitter in order to grasp its phenomenon. Be one of the first few people to post about the latest buzz in your field. People whom you are following and are expecting to bag a respectable job offer from are constantly on Twitter posting important links, interacting on important issues etc. Donít miss out on these and start interacting with them as well in order to boost your visibility.

Create an employer friendly profile by including a link of your CV in your bio, doing a bit of self promotion by posting links of your work etc.

Search for relevant hashtags: Recruiters around the globe are using their own hashtags in order to ensure that they get noticed by candidates. Some of these hashtags are #hiring, #jobs and #hotjobs etc. Search jobs using these hashtags.

Enhance your network and your Twitter presence by engaging with relevant startups, #jobhuntchats and introducing your own hashtags. is a job search engine which allows you keyword based job searches.

Search by company name on Twitter and see if your preferred company has a corporate presence on Twitter or not.

Be careful not to encourage any kind of duplicity while handling your Twitter profile. Donít include false skills while designing your bio or while working on your profile.


Twitter is one platform which allows you to showcase your talents and generate immediate responses from your network of people. Thus be careful not to miss out on those responses by staying absent from the site too long. Be professional enough to interact and respond to queries on a regular basis.

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