Interview Preparation for HSBC

In order to be a part of a brand as huge as HSBC, you must master the general interview skills. How? Let us learn:

Start early: You have to give yourself proper time for zeroing in on a routine for preparations and then working on it. You should start by looking up the relevant HSBC interview questions on the Internet and in relevant books. However do not limit your preparations only to the questions asked at HSBC. Expand your horizon by looking up the general Interview questions at other banks as well. Then segregate two sections (one consisting of the questions asked at HSBC and the other one consisting of the questions asked at other banks) and devote equal time in preparing those.

Go through candidate experiences on the Internet: If you really want to get a hang of the entire scenario, you can go through the experiences shared by candidates at HSBC interviews. Here you might as well come across different questions asked at different sections including Verbal Reasoning, Technical, Aptitude etc. Some of the candidates also take special care to mention points which they think should be stressed upon for an HSBC interview. It will also provide you with due knowledge about how employees can be grilled during their technical rounds, how to tackle them etc. You can jolly well take a cue. However it is not advisable for you to get overwhelmed by any negative responses from aspirants.

Be ready to face behavioral and industry based questions: As usual, like any other company, interviewers at HSBC will also try to gauge your ability of handling pressure deadlines etc. Thus be prepared accordingly.  Similarly, make sure that you are duly prepared with the questions related to the banking industry.

Be current: Try to be aware of the latest news related to HSBC ---- if any changes have been made in their policy, if any new service has been introduced in the market etc .

Practice: Yes adopt a very systematic method towards bolstering your preparations by means of due practice. Take the online psychometric tests. There are various verbal and numerical tests that can be found online that you can take to evaluate your interview preparedness.

Follow basic the basic rules:
  • Be punctual
  • Be properly dressed for the interview steering clear of any attempts of grabbing attention by means of shocking colors or make up
  • Choose you interview attire one day in advance
  • Arrange the documents properly
  • Check your CV thoroughly

Last Updated On: 08 May,2013

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