IAF Interview Preparations

The key to start off your preparations for an Indian Air Force job is to prepare yourself mentally for it. It is a great way to ascertain that you are ready for a professional life which is totally divorced from the luxuries of a civil job. In fact in an IAF interview you might face questions which are designed to test your comfort level at the job. There are chances that they will repeatedly ask you about the risks involved in a career at Indian Air Force and try to make sure that you as a candidate are perfectly tailored to meet their requirements. So be prepared to answer accordingly.

Some of the questions at the interview will be directed at testing your general awareness about the Indian Air Force. You might as well be asked about the recent developments, the important names involved with it and about its ranks.

As you browse through the IAF interview questions on the net you will find that very basic questions like "What has been your greatest experience in life?" etc are also asked. While those questions can be tackled easily it is important that you understand the importance of questions like -- "Why do you want to join the Indian Air Force?" Answers cooked up at the time of interview will not help. Know for a fact if you are not passionately driven by the urge to serve your society you will end up giving half baked answers in this case and the interviewers will be quick to understand that. Questions on General Knowledge can also be tackled easily as you already will be preparing them for your written examinations. However a face to face meeting is a different ball game altogether where you will be judged more on your honesty and passion than your knowledge. So be upfront. Don’t try to fake your ingenuity. The moment you had decided to serve your country you knew the significance of the responsibility you were about to shoulder. So you know that a job interview for any post in the Indian Defense will be fairly different from interviews for regular jobs. So brace yourself up for the challenge and meet it with élan.

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