How to Prepare for IAS Interview

Preparations for IAS questions though will require conventional sources like net and relevant books the entire process of interview is going to be way different from general interviews. Let us find out how:

Expect questions that will be completely out of the box, funny, but requiring oodles of wit from your end. If you browse through the net you will come across questions like 'What comes first --- day or night?' or 'How will you drop a raw egg on a concrete floor without dropping it?' for which you have to think and deliver then and there. There are practically no ways of preparing answers for these kinds of questions. You have to apply your presence of mind.

Expect questions on current affairs: Being up to date with the current happenings specially political is necessary as relevant questions can be thrown here and there. Questions based on bilateral relations featuring India are likely to be posed.

Multiple choice questions can contain history and civics questions

Expect your geographical knowledge to be tested at different points of time

Have a thorough knowledge of the state you belong to, the state you are living in if that is different from that of your origin and the places you had lived for a considerable period of time--- be aware of the needling issues in those areas, a bit of its history, geographical attributes etc

Look up question books and write down questions and answers on a regular basis. As you might be asked to speak on current issues for two Ė three minutes, make sure that you prepare well for it by holding small discussions and debates with your friends that will help to broaden your horizon

Take help of the NCERT books

IAS Officer Interview- Dos and Doníts

Instead of racking your brains on what to do and what to shy away from at the all important interview, take some time out to relax and get your preparations at place. The first and foremost thing you should realize that an interview for a post as important as the Indian Administrative Services Officer, is a different ballgame altogether (from usual interviews) as far as types of questions asked are concerned. Donít be overwhelmed by the significance but cherish every moment of it as once you become an officer of the highest order you will proudly look back at this moment as a memorable experience. Now that you have mastered a thoroughly positive attitude to battle your stress you can easily look up the dos and doníts of an IAS interview


  • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the interview
  • Dress properly
  • Keep your wit handy as you are expected to be often caught off guard by a barrage of seemingly funny but witty questions
  • Maintain a perfect body language throughout
  • Clarify your doubts before answering a questionófor example if you are asked to speak on an argumentative topic, do ask if you can take a diplomatic stand or not
  • Smile at due intervals to show that you are feeling completely at place
  • Maintain an eye contact with the interviewer
  • Be honest saying clearly that you donít know the answer to a question if that is the case
  • Listen carefully before answering
  • If the panel appreciates your answers say thanks
  • Take a stand in case of any argument over possible answers to questions like "What do you think should be done to solve present logjam over the Lokpal Bill?" Be polite and try to be as innovative as possible--- don't be overwhelmed if the interviewer tries to counter your argument and give in though you think that you don't agree to his point of view


  • Be intimidated by the panel of interviewers
  • Give rushed answers without listening to questions
  • Try to bluff the experienced interviewers
  • Be too aggressive in taking your stand during an argumentative discussion
  • Be stiff
  • Slouch
  • Sound overconfident
  • Leave your preparations half baked
  • Relate to unnecessary events while answering relevant questions
  • Look or sound nervous while answering tricky questions

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