Interview Preparation for IBM Daksha

IBM Daksh was established in the year 2004, after IBM acquired Daksh e-Services. Since the acquisition, the company is called IBM Daksh India. The organization runs one of the major process outsourcing businesses in the country. IBM Daksh has its offices in several major cities in India, like Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, etc. The company has two more worldwide service delivery offices located in Philippines and Manila. IBM Daksh has over 20,000 employees working for the organization around the world.††

Hundreds of aspiring professional individuals apply for jobs in IBM Daksh India every year. Given the huge competition, many sought some guidance for IBM Daksh interview preparation. In case you are also looking for some tips for IBM Daksh interview, then below are some sample questions and pointers to help you prepare better for your interview.

IBM Daksh Interview Tips:

Interviews are a little tricky, just knowing the answers to questions is only half the work. Your next step is to work on your personality and attitude. In short, you need to present yourself as a complete package for the job, who is hard to turn down. Here are some pointers that you must keep at the back of your mind during your interview.

  • Confidence: the key to good interviews is confidence. But you should remember that there is a very thin line between confidence and over confidence. While a good confidence level can make it; on the other hand, over confidence can ruin your chances of getting the job.
  • Punctuality: being on time for your interview is very crucial. You should make it a point to leave home well ahead of time, so that you can reach the interview venue at least half an hour before your scheduled time, unless you are asked to arrive earlier.
  • Right dressing: right dressing does not mean dressing up fancy. It means appropriately dress for the occasion. You should always wear formal clothes for interviews. For men, it is recommended that they wear formal pants and jacket or suit with formal shirt, tie and formal shoes and socks. Women can wear formal saree/ formal salwar suit/ formal skirt and shirt/ formal pants and shirt. Wearing a formal jacket with western clothes is also a good idea.
  • Attitude: Your appearance should be humble, polite, focused and courteous. Do not forget to greet your interviewers when you enter the room. Handshakes should firm and maintain eye contact with your interviewer. Sit when you are asked to and while seated do not lean back. Sit straight or lean a little forward.
  • Answers: Answers should be short and compact. In case you donít know an answer, do not beat around the bush. Tell your interviewers that you donít know the answer.†

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