Interview preparation for IDBI Bank

Preparing for a bank interview can turn out to be a real tedious task if the candidate fails to pursue the process in a planned manner. Similarly if you are preparing for an interview at IDBI you need to approach the entire episode in a systematic manner. Here are a few tips which you can avail as you do your interview preparation at IDBI

1.The first and foremost thing which a candidate can do as soon as he gets an interview call from IDBI is log in to its website and gain a thorough knowledge about the bank. One must do this even before he starts browsing through the IDBI interview questions on the net.Once you browse through the company profile, its services, products, achievements, awards etc, you get a glimpse of what the institution is all about--- how it works, what kind of principles is it based on etc. It helps you to tackle questions like "Why do you want to work with us?" "What do you know about us?" etc. Additionally if you are aware of the present rates, and facilities provided by the bank you will also be able to handle questions like—"How would you convince customers of other banks to take loans from IDBI?" As you browse through the interview questions at IDBI, you will find that these kinds of questions are asked.

2.Be prepared to answer a lot of questions aimed at testing your problem solving skills. These questions necessarily do not have to be direct ones as --- "Do you have good problem solving skills?" Instead they can be something like "How would you react if you are unable to sanction an important loan from a branch located at a remote part of India?"

3.As per available information IDBI also poses a lot of questions regarding a candidate’s willingness to shift base or even be posted in a remote part of the country.

4.Practicing IDBI placement papers along with placement papers of other banks can only be of help

5.At the Group Discussion, you will be required to speak on a topic for 2-3 minutes. Please hone your communication skills and do thorough research on what kind of topics are covered at the GDs

6.Please go through the general interview questions asked at other banks as well. Be well aware of the technical terms like CRR, Repo Rate, bank rate etc

7.Have a fair idea about the present banking industry in India. Listen to the news and read the newspaper to hone your knowledge in this regard.

8.Additionally keeping the interview dress and important documents arranged at least one day before the interview also forms an important part of your interview preparations

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