Interview Preparation for Idea Cellular

Idea Cellular is one of the biggest mobile network operators in the country and you have to make sure that you are stepping up your interview preparations for a place here. Below are listed some tips that you can avail to fare better at the interview at the company.

Know what the interview is all about: Even before you start the preparations for the interview, you should be sufficiently informed about the interview procedure here. The written or online test consists of questions divided in three sections namely Aptitude, Quantitative and Technical portions. Please remember that you will be allowed to complete each of these segments within specific time periods given. The second round or the Group Discussion would generally require you to speak on one relevant topic (mainly current affairs). The third round consists of the PI or the personal interview whereby you will face both technical and HR Interview questions.

Adopt a systematic manner: Now that you are fairly aware of the interview procedure at the company, you should sit down with relevant questions. Take help of the Internet or important books in this case. Make sure that you have duly separated two sections namely- the technical questions and the behavioral questions and are dedicating at least three hours for each section regularly. There is a general trend among aspirants to neglect the behavioral portion, concentrating only on the technical questions. However, overconfidence can jeopardize your chances in a major way. Refrain from thinking that you will be able to cook up answers in front of the interviewer.

Refer to questions asked at other telecom companies as well: It is advisable that you are well versed with the questions asked at telecom companies other than Idea Cellular as well. You should first concentrate exclusively on the questions asked at Idea Cellular and then divert slowly into the general and technical questions at other telecommunication companies.

It will help you in broadening your perspective.What should you prepare: Aside from the technical and behavioral questions, be prepared to face questions about the company’s past and present. As in, if you are asked something like "What do you know about our company?" your answer should be an ideal combination of the company’s past (in brief), its present, the present number of employees, the recent milestones and any major announcement made by the company in recent times. Please make sure that you are reading the newspapers on a regular basis so as to ace the Group Discussion round that might need you to speak on a current affair.

*The interview procedure mentioned above is subject to change.

Last Updated On: 30/05/2013

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