Imperial College

The Imperial College London is a public research university, situated in London, England, United Kingdom. It’s one of the leading academic institutions in the country, specializing in science, medicine and engineering.

The college offers graduate and post graduate courses in Electrical Engineering. The primary objective of this department is to deliver superior quality of instruction and to aid students to carry out globally competitive research. The department conducts research on a range of diverse topics including both practical implementations and basics of science and technology. In order to secure a place in the Electrical Engineering or the Science courses in this college, you might as well be relying too much on grades. However, the college itself would be looking beyond your raw grades to test your passion for understanding the most extensive form of engineering. Besides, your academic qualities, the admission authorities would consider your application on a wider profile and a personal interview, whereby your potential to succeed in this discipline would be tested more closely. Your entry grades would definitely play an integral role in determining your chances at the college. However, the face-to-face interview would play an equally important role as well.

Interview Preparation

It would be better if you start your preparations by taking a good look at the admission policies of the Imperial College London. Most of the academic institutions follow a near similar interview method for students. Still, there might exist subtle differences between the way these colleges like to examine the abilities of students in interviews.

As far as the Imperial College London is concerned, it is particularly interested in inviting aspiring students for interviews so that they themselves can know better about the college. A good look at the website would tell you the points you should stress on:

Firstly, you should be able to explain the interviewers why you want to study Electronic and Information Engineering or Electronic Engineering. You cannot really “prepare” an answer for this. A lot would depend on your ingenuity of your love for the subject and your passion for pursuing this course. In order to articulate your love for the subject, you can try and organize your answer like this

  • When was the first time you realized that you want to pursue this course?
  • Why you think the subject is compliant with your temperament?
  • If you are pursuing any activity (other than your studies) that is any way related to your subject

You should be able to clearly able to explain them why you want to join the Imperial College London. You can frame your answer based on your research on the university- its history, the way it promotes scientific research globally, its faculty etc.

Your team skills would be under scrutiny, so make sure that you’re jotting down as many relevant instances you can think of, your personal interview.

Please note, that the 30 minute interview in the lecturer’s office is not aimed at grilling you. It’s rather more conversational. Besides, appearing for the personal interview, you would be required to take a tour of the campus and another tour of the department and demonstrations of student projects.

Interview Questions

Q1.Why do you want to join the Imperial College?
Q2.Could you please tell us about your team skills?
Q3.Why are you particularly interested in pursuing Electrical Engineering?
Q4.What do you know about us?
Q5.Do you still think this is the ideal place for you, after this conversation?

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