Importance of eye contact during Interview

As a potential job holder you must be aware of the importance of body language during the interview. Your resume might have been among the few to be shortlisted by the hiring manager. But when you get to meet him one-on-one, your body language will reflect your feelings aptly. Now, maintaining continuous eye-contact with your interviewer is one of the crucial aspects of body language. Your eyes serve as a window to your confidence, honesty, professionalism and sincerity and it would be your responsibility not to deprive your interviewer to secure glimpses of the same during the interview. Listed below are the reasons why it is absolutely necessary to maintain due eye contact during job interviews.

It Reflects Several Positive Virtues at One Go: As already mentioned above, looking straight in to the eyes while attending a job interview exhibits a certain measure of honesty. In fact, not only during interview, but under general circumstances too, direct eye-contact in conversations is held as a sign of focus and sincerity. It is a general norm that naturally evokes instant likability from the person talked to. The instant dilation of eyes while speaking is the result of the release of a chemical owing to the genuine interest of the candidate in his job profile.

Its Absence Is Considered To Be Evasion: If you are constantly looking away from your interviewer while conversing it means that you are trying to evade questions that you donít have a clear idea about. On the other hand, blinking constantly would mean that you are nervous about the entire interview. In fact as per body language experts more than 70 blinks in a minute would actually imply that youíre stressed. Looking down is a gesture that should be strictly avoided as itís traditionally a mark of shame and low self esteem. †In fact, experts also opine that looking away while answering indicates that you are trying to cook up answers thereby jeopardizing trust factor in a major way.

Reflects Desirable Pride: Yes, when you are establishing your credentials in front of your potential employer, you need to do the same with a certain measure of pride and confidence in you that in turn inspires a sense of respect in your interviewer for you. Needless to say, this definitely works in your favor.

What Should You Do?

By now, you must have been able to figure out the significance of eye-contact during an interview. But it is important to remember that much as it is important, its not desirable to fix a constant gaze with your hiring manager. Treat it is more as a regular conversation in this regard. There is no need to look in to the eyes of the recruiter throughout the rendezvous as that would be regarded as a stare. In fact it is quite natural to even look up when you are trying to remember something genuinely. So look up during these times (at desirable intervals). There is no need to fake natural reactions in a bid to make an impression.

Please make sure that you are looking at all the panelists by turn if at all you are interviewed by more than one person at the same time.

Last Updated On: 28/09/2013

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