What are the important social medias to be added in resume?

Steering clear of social media activities may not continue to be a norm for too long anymore. There are chances of your Social Media presence being a crucial factor in determining your prospects in the corporate world. Especially when you are zeroing in on fields like marketing, community manager or public relations manager, you should very craftily include your social media skills in your resume. These skills can range from different Social Media group moderations, to blog and account management etc and be added as a footprint. These are some of the Social Media platforms which must feature in your resume:

Twitter: You can easily kickstart your social media learning from Twitter itself. A place where branding and a bit of personal bonding go hand in hand, nothing connects you better than Twitter. People from eminent fields like art, films, painting, photography, business, politics, Social Media etc are constantly in touch with each other --- follow them and provide the right kind of momentum towards building your Social Media presence. Your interaction here itself can be incorporated in your resume. However, it would be advisable to expound a little on your area of interest. It is even better if you have a solid follower base of say something around 10,000 – 20,000 or more.

Facebook: If you are constantly on Facebook monitoring a business page or a formal group, or even just as an admin of a prominent group like a meetup or an activity club, do mention them in your resume

LinkedIn: Prominent activities like voluntary activities, group moderation are considered to be important social media skills. It serves as a database for a score of recruiters there. So a significant involvement with this one can only boost your portfolio.

Digg: The kind of exposure this news come social website gives you is amazing. As people are constantly sharing links of relevant stories and happenings in the world of Social Media, technology, health, life science, history etc, it proves immensely helpful when it comes to reflecting your interest in the surroundings. Make it a permanent and regular fixture of Social Media list. See how far it takes you when you actually incorporate your credentials in Digg in your CV!

Google Plus: Straight out of Google’s kitty this can prove to be a sure shot advantage as a resume addition, if you can mention clearly how you have been able to cash in on the popularity of the platform to promote a brand.


The purpose behind mentioning your Social Media presence on your resume is quite clear and simple. Being actively involved in Social Media, churning out strategies to promote your brand on it, being able to turn the tide with your popularity on different platforms and most importantly generating user engagement are some of the qualities which are sought in employees big time--the reason why it is predicted as also mentioned earlier that your Social Media presence is going to rule your chances as an employee in the near future!

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