Impression is Created in First Few Moments of Interview

First impressions always last. This cliché holds true especially when you face an interview panel. No less a person than Oscar Wilde had opined that ‘You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’. The moment you step inside the interview room, you’re under the spotlight as all eyes are upon you judging you from every conceivable angle.

Even before you open your mouth to speak up for yourself, an impression is formed about you based on your body language, your appearance, your attire, and your bearing. So, it’s extremely crucial that you leave no stone unturned in order to make an impeccable impression on your interviewer(s) as you won’t get the chance to go over the process all over again. Just go over the following guidelines if you’re scheduled to appear in an interview in the coming days.

1. Be Punctual

The early bird catches the worm. It is always better to arrive 15 minutes earlier than being late by even 2 minutes. If you reach the venue early on, you’ll at least be spared the trouble of giving an explanation in case you’re tardy. Set out quite early to allow for possible traffic bottlenecks and snarl-ups. If you’re running late despite starting early inform your interviewer(s) about the same well in advance.

2. Your Appearance Matters

Remember that your interviewer will register his first impressions about you based on your appearance. Even before you can open your mouth to introduce yourself, the interviewer will have formed a preliminary opinion about you on the basis of your attire, body language, and mannerisms. Stick to formal dressing, wear clean and ironed clothes, and polish your shoes. Go for a clean shave and comb your hair properly. Going for a shower before dressing up will make you feel refreshed.

3. Keep Your Documents and Testimonials in a Single File

Keep transcripts of your academic, work experience certificates, reference letters, recommendation letters, and all other pertinent documents in a single dossier. If you want to make a good impression, then prepare a portfolio well in advance.

You can research on the net as to how to organize all your relevant documents in an orderly manner. Do not overload your case with superfluous documentations as the interviewer will not have the time to go through all of them. Furthermore, tag all your papers so that the interviewer can conveniently pick up the ones he needs to go through.

4. Keep Your Cellphone Switched Off

It cannot be denied that smartphones have become indispensable for almost everybody these days. You find yourself keying on the phone at all possible places-at the cinema, grocery store, at the bar and so on. However, restrain yourself from referring to the phone every now and then when you’re waiting in the lobby to attend a job interview. It’ll be better if you keep your cellphone switched off.

5. Be Confident and Positive

It’s quite normal on your part to feel jittery and have sweaty palms when it is your turn to face the interview board. Keep a handkerchief handy to wipe off your perspiration before you enter the room. Retire to the washroom 15-20 minutes before your turn comes up for adjusting your tie and tucking in your shirt properly. Your body language should exude confidence and ebullience. Always think positively, maintain eye contact with your interviewer and greet him with a tight handshake.

6. Wear a Smile on Your Lips and Be Courteous

A smile can go a long way. When you enter the interview room with a smile etched on your face not only will you make an indelible impression on your interviewer but also be putting yourself at ease. Be courteous with everybody starting from the receptionist to all the other employees who’re present in the office during the time of the interview.

Since you would get only a few moments and one chance to put yourself in the right perspective make the best out of it.

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