How to Prepare for an Insurance Agent Interview?

Browsing the net through a host of interview questions for insurance agents will go on to shape your preparations for the interview in a major way. Most of the times you will come across entire set of questions based on situational or behavioral aspects, with some basic technical questions thrown in here and there. Thus, prepare yourself accordingly:

Brush up your knowledge of the industry: Yes you should start your preparations by brushing up your knowledge of the insurance industry as a whole. You might be asked direct questions like ďWhat is the future or scope of the insurance industry? Or else there will be frequent questions like ďHow do you plan to add to our sales record?Ē constantly testing your understanding of the industry. Thus asides from learning figures, try to develop a core perceptive of finances. Come up with points which you think can be implemented or done away with in the industry. Try to come up with lesser known facts and suggest possible changes based on them.

Be prepared to face unexpected questions: Since the face to face interview is most likely to have lesser technical questions, be prepared for scenario based questions which can often catch you off guard. Face them with confident instead of being intimidated.

List down your best selling points as you will need them from time to time

Donít forget to list all the incidents or experiences from your professional life which proved your mettle as an effective sales person

Do some useful research of the company you are interviewing forólike its plants, offices, products, services, achievements, past records

Keep your basics right in the form of clothes, make up, punctuality

Insurance Interview: dos and doníts in interview

The cardinal rules regarding dressing for an interview, etiquette, punctuality etc are all known. Letís focus on some specific rules to be followed while attending an interview in an insurance company:


Be prepared for questions which will test your salesmanship, knowledge about the industry and understanding of the same

On being provided with an application form before the interview do fill it up clearly and neatly

Look interested throughout the conversationóask the employer about details of your job responsibilities, follow his leads thoroughly and politely ask him to repeat his question any time you fail to understand the same

Stress on points which will prove your worth as a potential candidate

Politely raise relevant questions about the industry without bordering on arguments

Do shake hands firmly before leaving


Donít sit down before you are asked to

Donít appear discouraging at any point of time even if the interview is not going like the way you want

Donít lie to boost your credentials

Donít sound reluctant while you are asked questions like ďHow would you feel making more than a dozen calls each day?Ē--- say that you are perfectly fine with it as this is the primary responsibility of an insurance agent

Donít leave your preparations of the background and present status of the industry unfinished leading to a half baked understanding of the sameóthe interviewer will take little time to identify the discrepancy

Donít sound overconfident

Donít be unclear about the responsibilities of the post you are applying for

Best Insurance Companies to target

Tata AIG General Insurance

LIC or Life Insurance Corporation

Future Generali

Bajaj Allianz

ICICI Prudential

SBI General Insurance

HDFC Standard Life

Bharti AXA

Kotak Life Insurance

Max Bupa Health Insurance

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