How to prepare for International Business Development Manager Interview

ďIf I was given six hours to chop down trees, I would spend the first four sharpening the axe.Ē -Abraham Lincoln

This famous quote proves it all that we should spend time for preparation rather than directly hitting the nail without any ground work. Get the interview questions for International Business Development Manager and thoroughly prepare all of those. Once you are ready with your answers, your next step would be to work on your other aspects; like your personality, behavior, attitude, etc. These are very important areas and needs preparation. It is hard to know what kind of attitude, behavior and personality your interviewers are looking for. To be on the safer side, try to be very pleasant. You cannot go wrong with that. Here are some tips to guide you in the right direction.

  • Be on time. You donít want to be late for your interview. Being late puts a bad impression of you on your interviewers.
  • Confidence is very important. But sometimes interviewees tend to get a little over confident. Now thatís not good. Over confidence can ruin your chances. So, make sure you donít cross the line.
  • Always carry a smile on your face; but yes, your smile should be natural and pleasant. You donít want to look awkward in front of your interviewers.
  • Answers should be short and to the point. Remember time is precious to everyone; do not waste it with long answers or by beating around the bush.
  • Good morning/ good afternoons/ good evenings are very important. Greeting your interviewers show that you are courteous. And being courteous is always appreciated.
  • Listen when your interviewers are talking, do not interrupt. Being a good listening is a big positive.
  • Proper clothing is also very important. You donít want to walk into an interview room with your casuals on. So, wear properly ironed formal clothes.
  • While seated, do not lean back. Sit straight or may be lean a little forward. This body language shows that you are being attentive.
Always note down the questions asked in the interview that would have been answered better, if any. This will help you to prepare better.

Companies to apply for international business development manager job:

1.IBM India Pvt. Ltd.



2.Google India Pvt. Ltd



3.Infosys Ltd.


4.Tata Consultancy Services


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