Best Attire for Different Types of Interviews

One of the cardinal rules of a formal interview is dressing up right. Strangely enough there is a marked difference between “dressing right” and “dressing well” in this case. An ultra mini skirt teamed with a white shirt and a pair of bright red high heels with the hair neatly left open might be considered an impeccable fashion statement for a semi casual ambience- like meetup with friends or colleagues outside the workplace. However the same can be considered a violation of dress code for a formal interview. Therefore it will be a little prudent on your part to do a little research on the do’s and don’ts of an interview attire as going wrong with that might cost your job as well. Before we go into further discussions regarding the same, know that conservatism rules and has been ruling the job market as far as formal interviews are concerned.

Things to keep in mind before choosing your dress for the interview

Be discreet with your choice of a dress. Don’t undermine the importance of your outfit at interview. Take a pick from your wardrobe, choose your dress and keep it aside a few days ahead of interview. Make sure it is properly ironed.

Remember your dress up will only be complete when backed up by the right kind of hairdo, shoes, bag and make up (especially in case of women)

If possible consult a few friends about the dress you have chosen, so that you get the right advice on the colors and fit.

It is always better to maintain a toned down appearance—there are some organizations which do allow casual dressing on a regular basis. However, it is always better to go for formal dressing at least while attending an interview as you may not know the dress code of an organization beforehand. If you are selected and have decided to join an organization which allows casual dressing, you can easily switch to jeans and t-shirts. However, no matter what the dress code of a workplace is, it is always better to go for lighter colors.

Formal Interview Attire- Don’ts

Don’t dress up in an outlandish manner- spiked hair, bright shoes, shocking bright colors, ultra low jeans (for men), ultra miniskirts (making it difficult for you to sit), garish nail polish, non black eye shadows kajaals or eye liners etc (for women) - even if you are eccentric by nature and want to reflect it on your style a formal interview is not the ideal place for the same.

Don’t dress shabby- you may as well try to dig out an old dress lying in your wardrobe for years now. Make sure the dress is still wearable and does not make you look weary and tired.

It is better not to keep your hair open but tie it up in a neat and simple manner (not overdoing it) – it goes even for men who have long hair.

  • Facial piercing
  • Strong colognes perfumes
  • Sunglasses perched on your head
  • Flaunting tattoos
  • Inappropriate tie (for men)
  • Backpack
  • Shocking hair color
  • Heavy Jewelry

Now that you know what not to flaunt during a formal interview let’s focus briefly on what to wear during a formal interview:

  • Interview Attire for Men
  • Conservative Shirt or suite
  • Formal Pants
  • Preferably dark colored socks
  • Shirts with long sleeves--- preferably white or else light colors
  • Briefcase or portfolio
  • Simple Hairstyle
  • Formal Shoes
  • Clean nails

Interview Attire for Women

  • Coordinated blouse if wearing a saree
  • Light colored kurtis matches accordingly with pants
  • Light jewelry
  • Simple hairdo
  • Manicured Nails
  • Conservative Suit
  • Professional shoes
  • Light perfume
  • Right makeup
  • File or folder with documents segregated properly


The aforementioned dress code holds true for every kind of formal interview, be it for sales, marketing, engineering etc. In case of a casual interview especially if you are in films, going to meet a director or producer deck yourself up in casual tees, jeans and sports shoes keeping the right kind of vibrant look meant for the glamor industry.

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