Interview for a Temporary Job

Interviewing for a temporary job is as important as appearing for a regular job interview. As an aspirant you should be equally sincere about establishing your credentials before the interviewer. You should be aiming for the position by conveying due professionalism with the proof of pertinent academic,and vocational skills, besides the required industry knowhow that qualify you for the position. So your first responsibility in that regard would be- not to undermine the significance of this interview only because it is for a temporary profile. Go further through the post in order to be duly informed about the way in which you can prepare yourself for a temporary job interview. But before going in to details, it would only be useful to mention that preparations for a temporary job interview would hardly differ from that of a permanent one. The competitive market demands similar kind of expertise from candidates appearing for two different types of profile. So be prepared accordingly.

Start Early: Please don't wait for an interview call to sit down and prepare for your interview. Generally, an aspirant doesn't get sufficient time between the interview call and the interview to prepare himself accordingly. So, the trick here would be to start preparing right from the time you are applying for jobs and sending over your resumes to hirers. Go through the list of questions asked to the candidates appearing for both temporary and permanent positions. Take online help to find out relevant questions. Make sure you're framing answers in accordance with the questions as well. Make sure you are taking trouble to jot down your strengths and weaknesses. Don't forget to write down about instances when you were particularly responsible for eking out positive results for your concern. Be particularly honest in your approach. In the course of the interview, you might be asked whether you would be interested in transitioning in to a full-time role or not. Answer honestly about your intentions here. Say “yes” only when you are genuinely interested otherwise tell them that you're strictly game for a short-term contract.

Maintain the Basic Interview Rules: Once again, treat it as a regular job interview and stick to the basic rules of decorum:
  • Dress properly and team it up with proper shoes
  • Don't wear loud makeup or perfume
  • Be punctual
  • Smile while introducing yourself

Make sure your CV is thoroughly checked and required modifications are made (i.e. change in job experience, last organization etc)

Questions to Expect: Here is a list of some of the questions that are likely to be thrown at you:

Q1)Why are you interested in doing a temporary job?
Q2)Tell us about the hours of your availability.
Q3)Is there any chance that you would be interested to work with us on a permanent basis?
Q4)Describe your ideal co workers.
Q5)How would you assimilate yourself in this work environment?
Q6)What would your previous boss have to say about you?
Q7)Do you really think that a temporary job justifies your qualification?
Q8)Would you be comfortable in working in different shifts?
Q9)What would your ex-colleagues have to say about you?
Q10)Describe your working style.
Q11)What are your strengths?
Q12)What are your weaknesses?
Q13)Describe your dominant personality traits.
Q14)How do you measure job success?
Q15)Why should I hire you?

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