Interview myths

 Some Common Interview Myths

Well before you groom yourself for a telephonic or face-to-face interview, you might be nursing some notions or ideas about how you’ll fare in the interview. You might be harboring the impression that your prospective interviewer or employer is fully geared to ask you probing questions. However, the reality might present a very different picture. Your potential interviewer might be someone who remains extremely busy for the better part of the day. It is only when you’re sitting in front of your probable interviewer does he or she gets the time and the scope to review you from close quarters. The following are some common interview fallacies or myths that you need to debunk before you appear in the interview.

1.Your CV alone would help you to get the job
Bear in mind that having an impressive CV is just a passport in making you eligible for the job you’re applying for. Your resume alone cannot help you in landing the job. The manner in which you conduct yourself during the session, connect with everyone who’s on the interview panel, and your follow-up procedure post interview are strategic determinants that affect your job prospects.

2.Your Interviewer is an ace in holding interviews
More often than not, your likely interviewer may be less prepared for the interview session than you yourself are. You must realise that he’s as much human as you’re though he maybe a highly qualified HR professional and has presided over innumerable interviews. In other words, it implies that your interviewer will register his first impressions about you based on your attitudes or approaches while answering the questions.

How you field the posers will have a more critical bearing than the content of your replies. Your interviewer might be very stressed out during the session and probably didn’t even have the time to go through your resume. For you this might be a blessing in disguise as you get the opportunity to explain why you’re the best fit for the job. So make the most out of the situation by optimizing your resume with the job.

3.There are standardized right or wrong answers for each and every question
This is another great interview myth that you need to bust. A majority of candidates are of the opinion that an interviewer expects answers that fall into a pattern or are standardized. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Most of the interviews conducted nowadays are of a situational or behavioural type where you’re asked to relate on specific situations from your past jobs. You might also be given a hypothetical situation where you’ll need to come up with an effective solution. Clearly enough there can’t be any stock replies when answering situational questions.

4.It is the most competent candidate who ends up getting the job
Contrary to what most job aspirants assume, it is not the most capable (academically or otherwise) who ends up landing the job. It is the one who is able to build a perfect chemistry with the interviewer and gels perfectly with the organizational culture of the company that ultimately gets to fill in the job position on offer.

As the interview session is about to end, your interviewer might leave the ball in your court that is give you the chance to ask questions. One question you can always ask is what’d be his take on the best candidate for the position on offer. The HR personnel's answer will go a long way in helping you to bust some general interview myths. 

Last Updated On: 30/09/2013

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