Interview Preparation after Retirement

Gone are the days when you could easily spend your life playing golf and solely indulging in other pleasures thereby resting completely on your laurels post retirement. Today, a lot of recruiters out there are interested in hiring employees in their post retirement period because they in their own way, come with a set of advantages.

While youngsters are mostly seeking full time jobs, retired employees offer more flexibility by easily settling for part-time jobs. Additionally, the knowledge that they have gained from decades of presence in their respective fields, definitely proves worthwhile. If you're someone willing to give it a shot at a professional commitment after your retirement then you should start preparing for the same. Listed below are tips to do the same.However, before delving deeper in to that, its useful to mention that as a job aspirant, it would be great if you consolidate your job search with the help of digital media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Today recruiters are particularly stressing on the need for having a Social Media presence. 

Craft Your Resume Properly: You might have been there and done that. But if you have been away from the job scenario for a considerable period of time, it would be better if you avail online help to get some of free samples of professional CVs. It is often suggested that retirees should keep their resumes very simple with special stress on the last 10-15 years of work instead of elaborating on your whole career. Skip providing a generic “Objective” as well.

Prepare Thoroughly: Avail online help to jot down general interview questions thrown at experienced job holders. Don't make the mistake of turning up with half baked preparations, thinking that it's all too easy since you have already handled all the run-off-the mill interview questions before.Conduct mock interviews. Ask friends if they have special suggestions on post retirement job interviews preparations or not.

Avoid Getting Too Preachy: Please remember that it becomes a difficult proposition for interviewers to interview or screen candidates who are more experienced than them. Even if you're confident of acing the interview, refrain from teaching them on ways to improve the standings of their company. Try to focus on ways in which you would contribute, instead.

Don't Flout the Basic Norms: As a professional with due experience, you are expected to follow the basics of a job interview- any indiscrepancy there can cost your job:
  • Be punctual
  • Set aside the interview attire two days prior to the day
  • Acquaint yourself with phone, dining or online interview etiquettes as is required
  • Be polite

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