Interview Preparation Books

You might as well think why at all should you consult books in order to prepare for an interview when you have so much available on the net itself? But here lies the catch. Browsing through the pages of a book may help you with rare suggestions which are hardly put on the net. No doubt famous authors across the globe have taken the trouble to pen down their experiences at interviews. Treat them as valuable advice and see how you are able to capitalize on them on the D-Day.

Famous Interview Preparation Books

201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions by Matthew DeLuca: With the content ranging from valuable insights into the demands of recruiters to tips to make you stand out in the crowd; from unique experiences of professionals to real life success stories general rules, tips and rationale behind interview questions, this one can prove of real help provided proper time be dedicated to it.

SSB Interview: The Complete Guide by N.K Natarajan: If you are looking forward to acing a Services Selection Board Interview then this should be one of your picks before gearing up for the preparations. Documented by Mr Natarajan who has an experience of more than 25 years in Indian Navy, the book provides you information about candidate requirements, detailed explanation of the entire interview process based on several stages, thorough details of group exercises, psychological tests, screening tests etc.

Top 100 Interview Questions and Answers Book: This one (an e-book available at can be a one-stop guide for you with an array of topics segregated under the following categories:

  • General
  • Analytical
  • Out of the Box questions
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Database
  • Algorithms and Coding
  • Wireless Technologies
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Internet Technologies

The Interview Rehearsal Book by Deb Gottesman and Bazz Mauro: Acting as a complete guide on how to research for roles you are applying for, to the practice of body language and exercise etc this book can be your pick as well!

Reasons Why You Should Consult Books on Interview Preparation

A well crafted book on interview generally serves most of your needs at the same time—for instance even a book penned by a writer of modest credentials is in all likelihood to provide you with a list of general/behavioral questions, ways to present yourself during the formal rendezvous, soft skills in demand and ways to improve on them and even something about real life experiences to draw from---- other resources generally do not accommodate so much at one go

A book generally accommodates the space for the author to elaborate on relevant information, and experiences

Books give you an opportunity to ponder on least anticipated topics

The books (for instance those listed above) are penned by authors with prior experience— there might be marked differences between their insights and inferences, which in turn help you to gain and develop perspective on certain nuances—this would not have been possible only by consulting simple write ups on the internet

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