Interview Preparation Checklist

Try to keep your last minute preparations for your interview intact so as to avoid any hiccup which is likely to spoil your day. Don’t forget to consult your checklist at least twice just a day before the interview. But what should your interview preparation checklist have? Are you sure you have included each and every minute detail in your checklist so as to ensure that at least your preparations are pitch perfect? Unlock all the questions by going through the detailed discussion on an interview preparation checklist:

Things which you should keep in mind before preparing a checklist:
That you have set your mind to prepare a checklist for interview preparations itself should be appreciated as for many an interview is nothing more than an impromptu shot

As the checklist is that of the preparations itself it should be made days before you actually start preparing for an interview—a fresher who has just completed the final year of college or university can utilize the first few days of the long vacation by preparing the checklist asides from doing other things like crafting his CV or applying for jobs

Dedicate a considerable time towards preparing the checklist making sure that what you need or might need to check on is mentioned there--- that is the reason why should start it days before actually go for the interview--- gives you sufficient time to incorporate things that you might want to add on or have simply forgotten the first time

What should your Checklist contain?
  • Going through your resume so as to ensure that none of the important information is missing
  • Keeping aside the clothes and shoes to be worn, in advance
  • A thorough revision of the company’s history and vacancy details
  • A list of questions which you think might be asked at the interview—it would be even better even they are segregated into at least two halves namely “Technical Questions” and Behavioral Questions”
  • As much as you are concentrating on the technical aspects, try to dedicate quality time to the behavioral portion as well--- try to frame some answers to possible questions in mind—try to note them down if possible
  • If you are not aware of the place fixed for the interview then find out about the directions at least one day in advance, there is no point in wasting your time on road
  • If it’s a lunch or dining interview brush up the table manners a little in advance
  • Make sure your clothes are properly ironed and shoes properly polished
  • Arrange all the important documents in a file or folder--- documents, resume, photograph, recommendation letter (if any) etc, to make sure you don’t end up fumbling during the interview keep them at separate sections of the file
  • Attend a mock interview in front of the mirror--- it works wonders—mistakes which you otherwise couldn’t have anticipated are committed are duly rectified
  • If any of your seniors had or have worked in the concerned company do try to eke out a few tips from them—but at the end of the day hold your own and don’t get intimated by any negative feedback from elders!

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