Interview Preparation For Australian Visa

An interview preparation for securing an Australian visa or for that matter for any country might turn out to be nerve- racking. Thereís no doubt that your chances of securing that ďillusiveĒ visa for the land of kangaroos might depend a lot on your luck, but stepping up your preparations might help you significantly in this regard as well. Now, the interview preparations meant for obtaining an Australian visa will not vary that much from that of visas of other countries. But it would always be useful if you specially take care of knowing about the special attractions of Australia when you are applying for a tourist visa. Similarly, if you are trying to obtain a student visa, you can well be prepared to expect the interviewer to ask you the possible reason of not seeking enrollment to the same academic course in India itself. In that case you have to make sure that your answer is backed by valid research on the advantages of pursuing that particular course in Australia. Similarly, follow other interview tips for Australian visa as well.

General Tips

It is very important to at least strategically be aware of the visa interviewers' concerns and answering accordingly. It would be great if you can prepare a list of probable questions and jot them down on a paper and prepare answers in accordance as well. In fact, it is absolutely advisable that you actually imagine yourself sitting in that consulate office and being faced with probable questions. Repeat the answers at least 4-5 times till you are confident enough that you can handle them with ease. Make sure you are not sounding nervous. It would actually trigger suspicions in the minds of the interviewer. They are highly concerned about the chances of the Indians coming back to the country. There have been many discrepancies in this regard (they are mentioned later here) and any sort of fumbling from your end would actually mean that youíre cooking up answers.


Please make sure that all the relevant documents are in place. Some of the important documents that you will need include bank statements, family photographs, income tax records, consultancy documents etc. Make sure that there are no spelling errors. Serious mistakes have been detected in candidate visas earlier. Aspirants themselves can be blamed for the same. At times they donít even take the trouble of filling up the form themselves but ask their travel agents to do so. Additionally they donít even cross check the documents as well. Make sure that it doesnít happen. If your visa application had been rejected earlier make sure that you're keeping a copy of it. Donít think that your interviewer wouldnít know of your earlier rejection. The office does have a copy of an earlier application.

Probable Interview Questions for Australian Visa that You Might face:

General/Tourist Visa

Q1.Why do you want to go to Australia?
Q2.Have you ever been abroad?
Q3.Who is sponsoring this trip?
Q4.Do you know anyone in Australia?
Q5.Please give the details of your contact person in Australia.
Q6.How would you convince me that you would come back to India after your trip?
Q7.Which are the special places in Australia that you are going to visit?
Q8.What will you do if you somehow come across a job offer in Australia?
Q9.Do you have any relative in Australia?
Q10.Why was your application rejected before?
Q11.Would you be able to survive in Australia for the number of days that you plan to stay there?
Q12.Do you have your children settled in Australia? For how long are they settled here?
Q13.Would you be accompanied by your spouse?
Q14.Why isnít your spouse visiting Australia with you?
Q15.Give us the exact location where you would be staying there

Australia Visa Interview Questions for Students

Q16.Who is sponsoring your trip?
Q17.What is your undergraduate GPA?
Q18.Please show me your degree.
Q19.Please describe the course that you have applied for.
Q20.Which college/university in Australia have you applied for?
Q21.Do you know any professor in the college you have applied for? (Here, it would be great if you can mention some names)
Q22.Please show your IELTS score.
Q23.Please state the exact location of the college or university.
Q24.Why did you choose this particular university or college?
Q25.Have you applied in multiple universities there?
Q26.What is the annual earning of the person who is sponsoring your education?
Q27.What does your father (or the person sponsoring your education in Australia) do?
Q28.Why did you opt for this particular course?


†The visa interviewers remain skeptical of granting visas nowadays as many aspirants have been found to have provided fake documents to procure a visa. They refuse to come back to the country by changing their status, through marriage by other means later on. As a result, interviewers have got much stricter with visa approvals today. So be prepared for a tough road ahead.

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